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Lost Treasure – lost city of paititi

Most people have heard the story of El Dorado, a city full of gold lost somewhere in the rainforests of South America. In fact, El Dorado is actually a legend about a Muisca Chieftain (the Golden One) who would cover himself with gold dust [...]

Lost Treasure – The Lost Crown Jewels of King John of England

The Lost Crown Jewels of King John of England Great Britain King John ‘the Bad’ was particularly fond of collecting (stealing) jewellery and gold plate for himself and coinage for his guards, soldiers and court followers. In [...]

Lost Treasure – Red Jack Gang Outlaw Loot

Red Jack Gang Outlaw Loot: Value of loot: 8,000 cold coins estimated value $900,000 Location: somewhere in the vicinity of Prescott, Arizona Stage Coach Robbery, 1911″Red Jack” Almer, also known as Jack Averill, led the Red Jack Gang, [...]

Lost Treasure galleon wreck San Jose found off Colombia

Colombia has found the wreck of a Spanish galleon that sank off the coast of Cartagena and is thought to be laden with emeralds and gold and silver coins, President Juan Manuel Santos says. More details were to be provided at a news conference [...]
Nazi gold

Lost Treasure – Nazi gold train found!

The missing gold The Silesian Nazi gold train legend has intrigued Poles for decades and caused many treasure hunts. The legend goes that in late 1944 or early 1945, as the Red Army advanced further westwards during the final days of World [...]

Lost Treasure – The Tucker Cross

The mystery of the missing Tucker Cross Explorer Teddy Tucker found the famous Emerald and Gold Cross just north of Bermuda in 1955 whilst scuba diving. It is believed that its history of the cross dates back to 1594, and was part of a large [...]

Lost Treasure – The Battle Of Anghiari painting

Often referred to as “The Lost Leonardo,” The Battle of Anghiari is a painting depicting four horsemen in armed combat during the Battle of Anghiari in 1440. Originally planned for the Hall of the Five Hundred, the meeting chamber of the [...]

Lost Treasure – The Copper Scroll

The worlds greatest missing treasure mystery? Treasure: Temple of Solomon / Ancient Jewish Military Reserves Lost: Circa 100 BC Estimated Value: $1.2 Billion + Contents: Gold and silver coins, ingots and artefacts. Location: Israel / Jordon The [...]

Lost Treasure – The Lue Treasure Map

Here is some treasure you could actually find! The only legendary treasure to have a map that directs you to 14 tons of gold is the Lue. As mystifying as the code is, it has long been assumed the only tools needed to decode the Lue is a one [...]

The lost treasures of Antilla

Those seeking the lost treasures of Antilla, the German fighter wreckage, will need to dive along the North Point of Aruba. There’s a tale that claims the Antilla was anchored along the North Shore when authorities rowed out to sea and asked [...]