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Top 5 Reasons the Moon Landings Could Be a Hoax

Multiple Light Sources On the moon there is only one strong light source: the Sun. So it’s fair to suggest that all shadows should run parallel to one another. But this was not the case during the moon landing: videos and photographs clearly [...]
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Fake Moon Landing Facts and Questions?

With the Mars Rover now strolling around the surface of the red planet looking for proof of Martians, we take a look back at the Moon Landing conspiracy, and ask again “was it faked?”   What evidence do the Fake Moon Landing [...]

Moon Landing Faked! – No Dust?

Why No Dust? The lunar lander used two engines stacked on top of one another. The LEM’s descent engine used hyperbolic propellants, that means two different fuels that light at the same time. The exhaust jet coming out of the LEM on descent [...]

Moon Landing Faked! – film footage examined

Anomalies with the film footage! Hasselblad were the manufacturer of the camera that took all of the photos on the Apollo missions. Jan Lundberg was the Manager Of Space Projects at Hasselblad from 1966 to 1975 and responsible for the production [...]

Russian cosmonauts are preparing to land on the Moon

Roscosmos begins lunar landing trials in 1970s simulator as Russia’s plan to conquer the moon has started to take shape. The agency has started a series of experiments to simulate the conditions astronauts, according to the nation’s [...]

The moon mysteries: something strange is going on!

There are many mysteries that NASA has failed to explain. After spending billions in a race to the moon (and both USA and Russia planned to set up space stations on the moon) why haven’t they returned to the moon after 40 years? Why did [...]
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Apollo 11 Mystery – Did bit of ‘Moon break off’ or was it a UFO?

Moon Mystery! The Apollo moon landings continue to create debate. Now NASA has been unable to explain why a piece of the Moon appears to have broken off in one of its pictures taken during the Apollo 11 moon landing footage. The set of pictures [...]

China lands rover on the moon

The first soft moon landing since 1976! China has landed its first robotic lander on the moon, a historic lunar arrival that makes the country only the third nation to make a soft-landing on Earth’s celestial neighbor. China’s Chang’e [...]
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Moon Anomalies – Alien evidence?

    As more and more pictures from the moon become available, more and more strange, out of place objects are found! There is also growing evidence that, contrary to what we have been told, the US landed on the moon only to find that [...]

Apollo’s First Moon Rover: Photos

42 years after the first moon rover transported the Apollo 15 astronauts over the lunar terrain, here are a selection of NASA photos taken by Apollo 15 commander David Scott and Lunar Module pilot James Irwin during their wheeled 1971 lunar [...]