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Alien Contact is an Invasion – 2013 Update

The top 100 unexplained mysteries of the world

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Obama will speak soon

Obama will speak soon

 Space Command attempts contact using the universal language of mathematics in a sequence of prime numbers.

Find out as some of America’s top scientific experts come together to explore the effect on mankind that contact with an advanced alien race could have. How the US, astrophysicists, weapon designers, military strategists, biologists and anthropologists are preparing for a real alien invasion and the plan for mankind to fight back.

In the sci-fi thriller “War of the Worlds,” Earthlings fight for survival against alien invaders. But is an obliterating attack from advanced, space faring armada just fantasy, or could it be a scenario based on hard science?

Astronomers scramble to analyse an object only 8,000 kilometres from Earth – closer than our moon.  It has crept into earth’s orbit with no warning.    The next group to take an interest in the anomaly is military.

US Space Command uses global satellite tracking systems, telescopes and radar to search for any type of airborne or space threat. The object is not natural.

At US Space Command, astronomers don’t know if the anomaly is an actual vehicle.  Then comes confirmation; in a solar system where every object is constantly in motion, the unknown object stops. Space Command officials agree that it must be powered.

The next step is to establish contact.  The UN Office of Outer Space Affairs committee quickly crafts a simple message, transmitted to the spacecraft over television and radio signal.  The message is transmitted simultaneously in the most widely spoken languages of the world:  Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi.

Astronomers see no response to Earth’s communication.  Space Command attempts contact using the universal language of mathematics in a sequence of prime numbers.

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