Al Jazirah Al Hamra

The haunted and abandoned town of Al Jazirah Al Hamra

Jazirat al Hamra, which translates to Red Island, has a reputation for being haunted. Established sometime in the 14th century, the once thriving fishing and pearl-diving village of over 300 houses and 13 mosques was suddenly abandoned in 1968. [...]
Mariana UFO

The strange Mariana UFO incident

The Mariana UFO Incident occurred in August 1950 in Great Falls, Montana. The film footage of the sighting is believed to be among the first ever taken of what came to be called an unidentified flying object, and was investigated by the US [...]
Buildings on Venus

Venus has buildings! Latest claims

Space might very well be considered the “final frontier,” but according to alien hunters, intelligent life on Venus includes cities for its inhabitants.  A 20-minute Spanish-language video posted to YouTube by mundodesconocido magnifies [...]
Pyramid is literally frozen in time, captured on camera by Vladimir Prokofiev.

The mysterious soviet town at the end of the world!

This old mining outpost, called Pyramid and abandoned in 1998, is on the Arctic Ocean island of Spitsbergen. An anomaly, it is a deserted Soviet town that is in fact in Norway, just 1300 km from the North Pole. And no, it is not in Siberia, [...]
Underwater UFO

Strange alien encounter with underwater UFO

On January 3, 1979 Filiberto Cardenas was contacted by alien beings. While Cardenas and three of his neighbors were driving with him along a highway outside of Hialeah, Florida, their car suddenly stalled. The entire electrical system failed. [...]

28,000 lightning strikes hit Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane lightning: A huge clap of thunder was heard over Brisbane about 10.40pm The west of Brisbane reported thunder and lightning from about 10.20pm. The storm hit shortly afterHailstones the size of eggs fell to earth in the suburbs of [...]
Attck in New York

Strange and supernatural events that occurred in New York

We take a look back at the archives of the Weekly World News and the strange New York stories: GIANT TURTLES In 1997, The New York uncovered a nest of giant turtles in the New York sewer system capable of snapping off a man’s hand in a single [...]
ufo on the moon proof

The moon mysteries: something strange is going on!

There are many mysteries that NASA has failed to explain. After spending billions in a race to the moon (and both USA and Russia planned to set up space stations on the moon) why haven’t they returned to the moon after 40 years?Why did [...]