Did Aliens make Saturn’s Hexagon ?

An unusual structure with a hexagonal shape surrounding Saturn’s north pole was spotted on the planet for the first time thirty years ago. Nothing similar with such a regular geometry had ever been seen on any planet in the Solar System. [...]

Something in Space Is Blasting Earth with Mysterious ‘Fast Radio Bursts’

That the sky is full of strange radio bursts isn’t big news. Pulsars, the rotating “radio lighthouses,” of the universe, cause a steady flicker of signals in the eyes of Earth’s radio observatories, and astrophysicists [...]

Iran’s Burnt City reveals ancient strange burials

Archeologists have unearthed several mysterious burials during a research project in the Iranian ancient site, Burnt City. The skeleton of 45-year-old man was found in the center of the circle-shaped grave and skulls of two dogs were also placed [...]

Strange Events – Islanders prepare to fight werewolves!

SIBALE ISLAND, Romblon—Armed with knives and long bamboo sticks with pointed ends, residents of this isolated island in the central Philippines mount nightly patrols to protect its dwindling goat population against deadly attacks of suspected [...]

Mysterious, Giant Crater Appears in Siberia

Scientists are scratching their heads about an 80-meter-wide hole recently discovered in a remote part of Siberia called Yamal (which means “end of the world.”) No one is yet sure what’s caused the hole — a scientific [...]

New discoveries confirm unexplainable astronomical knowledge of Incas -

A Polish-Peruvian archaeological team has confirmed what has been suspected for many centuries – the Incas used the ancient city of Machu Picchu as a mountaintop observatory. Although astronomical observation points at Machu Picchu were recorded [...]

Did Hitler meet Aliens?

Rumours have existed since the end of the Second World War that Hitler had either developed flying saucers, or had reverse engineered alien saucers that the Nazi’s had captured. Now recent evidence point to an even more sinister event, [...]

Arecibo Telescope Detects Mysterious Radio Pulses from beyond Our Galaxy

For years, astronomers have wondered whether fast radio bursts truly had a cosmic origin and now, they have their answer. The Arecibo telescope has detected a brief, mysterious radio pulse that seems to have come from far beyond our galaxy. This [...]

Machine dated at 400 million years found in Russia

NEW INFORMATIONS AND BETTER PHOTOS AND SOURCES PHOTOS: Machine Dated in 400 Million Years [http://brazilweirdnews.blogspot.com.br/2012/09/new-informations-and-photos-of-machine.html] IN 04/09/2012 RUSSIA. In the remote Kamchatka peninsula (map [...]

Did the Viking Lander find proof of Alien Life?

In 1976 NASA’s two Viking landers touched down on the surface of Mars. The probes conducted a host of biological experiments, including collecting samples of Martian soil to test for organic compounds – the building blocks of life – [...]

new frozen world gives hope in hunt for alien life

It’s a shame about the name. But in the search for habitable planets, most of the important boxes are ticked by OGLE-2013-BLG-0341LBb. The newly-discovered world – twice the size of Earth – is the same distance from the twin stars it [...]

Nasa ‘flying saucer’ tests Mars tech

A US space agency (Nasa) experiment on Saturday to test future Mars landing technologies proved largely successful. A flying saucer-shaped vehicle was sent high into the atmosphere via a balloon to trial a new type of parachute and an inflatable [...]

Mysterious alien signal detected ?240 million light years away

Mysterious signal detected ?240 million light years away, Astronomers detect a mysterious signal in the Perseus Cluster in deep space that could be being transmitted by an alien race.Astronomers have detected a mysterious signal 240 million [...]