Site of the original hanging  tree

Bramshott, The most haunted village in England?

The birth of a haunted village Bramshott is an old English hamlet, just north of Liphook, which sits almost half way along an on an old stage coach road that leads from London to Portsmouth. Bramshott, it’s Manor House, Chiltlee Manor [...]
David Farrant at highgate cemetery

Haunted London – The Highgate cemetery vampire

London is claimed to be the most haunted city in the world, and locations within the city are the focus of many historical paranormal, hauntings, and strange events. The highgate Vampire On 21 December 1969 David Farrant spent the night in [...]

The strange case of Jeannette DePalma,

Springfield, Union County, New Jersey has a historical connection with witchcraft. Local legend says 13 witches are buried beneath the nearby Johnston Drive, a stretch of road that runs from Watchung to Scotch Plains. Mysterious Murder In [...]
The strange Le Loyon has been photographed

The terrifying mystery of Le Loyon

For 10 years Police in Switzerland have been hunting a ‘terrifying’ figure who has stalked Swiss woodland wearing gas mask, boiler suit and strange cloak. Photographed The mysterious person has been photographed for the first [...]
The rare and freaky cloud

Rare hole punch cloud formation appears!

A rare cloud formation was seen twice in B.C. over the last two days. The first over the Lower Mainland on Sunday morning. What are they? A fallstreak hole (also known as a “hole punch cloud”) is a large circular or elliptical gap that [...]

Ghost Ship – The strange mystery of the København

The København The Kobenhavn was built for the Danish East Asiatic Company in 1921, When it was launched it was the world’s largest sailing ship. It’s sails stood over 5 stories high. From 1921 to 1928 the ship made nine voyages, [...]
The Baychimo

Ghost Ship – The Baychimo spotted 37 years later.

The true story of the Baychimo is one of the strangest and most mysterious ghost ship stories. Amazingly the last confirmed sighting of the Baychimo was a report that spotted it drifting the seas 37 years after she was left abandoned. The [...]

The strange mystery of James Edward Tedford

The man the vanished into thin air! James E Tedford (often referred to as Tetford) was born around 1884 in Vermount. Not much is known about his early life, but by 1940 he was resident in Fletcher Town, Franklin, VT with his younger wife Pearl [...]

strange mystery of the Mars haze

A strange and mysterious haze detected on Mars is puzzling scientists. The vast, bright haze lasted for about 10 days. A month later, it reappeared for the same length of time. But it has not been seen since. The vast plume was initially spotted [...]
Mystery of Magazine Ads Hinting of Pearl Harbor

Mystery of Magazine Ads Predicting Pearl Harbor

Strange Mystery The Nov. 22, 1941, issue of the New Yorker magazine (16 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor) carried two extremely strange advertisements that in retrospect, are full of double meanings. So much so that at the time, the [...]

Has Atlantis been found? Where is Atlantis?

We have a map of Atlantis! A 1669 map by Athanasius Kircher put Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The map is oriented with south at the top. This should make it easy to find the mysterious city. Even with a map, no trace of Atlantis [...]

The German poltergeist who dialed the speaking clock

A Lawyers office in Rosenheim Bavaria, was the unlikely setting for a poltergeist case that completely altered public opinion on the subject of poltergeists in Germany. Armed with introductions from Hans Bender, director of the Freiburg Institute [...]

Haunted Objects – Annabelle the Demonic Doll

  The doll was given as a gift in the 1970s to 28-year-old nursing student, Donna. It was purchased at a second-hand Raggedy Ann store. Donna’s roommate, Angie, was the first to notice strange occurrences in the doll. She purported that [...]