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Real photographic proof of fairies!

photographic proof of fairies A 53 years old lecturer from Manchester Metropolitan University – England, captured the fantastic images of what he claims are fairies in the Rossendale Valley. John Hyatt, Director of Manchester Institute [...]

The Mystery Of The Persian Princess

While conducting a murder investigation, Pakistani authorities questioned a man named Ali Akbar, who had made a videotape showcasing that he had a mummy on sale for 600 million rupee ($11 million). On October 19, 2000, the mummy was located [...]

Biggest Historical Hoaxes Of All Time

Crop Circles Whenever a mysterious crop circle would appear in large fields in Great Britain, extra-terrestrial enthusiasts across the country would go wild with curiosity. With claims of them being messages from aliens, which were widely disputed, [...]

The Lolladoff Plate Mystery

The Lolladoff Plate – Ancient Alien evidence or a hoax? It seems that Egypt is not the only place that has been visited by Aliens in ancient times. This plate called ‘The Lolladoff plate’ is a 12,000 year old stone dish found [...]

The biggest fraud in history – Gregor MacGregor

A Scotsman with an unlikely name, MacGregor made his fortune not by selling real things that didn’t belong to him, but imaginary things that didn’t belong to anyone. In the late 18th century, MacGregor managed to convince hundreds of wealthy [...]

Victor Lustig – The man who sold the Eiffel Tower

The man who sold the Eiffel Tower. Lustig started out his career as a conman by convincing people to buy a machine that would produce $100 bills – the only catch was that it only produced one bill every six hours. Stocking the machines with [...]

Hoax – The strange story of the Cardiff Giant

The story of the Cardiff Giant Hoax. George Hill had an argument with a minister about whether or not giants had ever existed on earth – supposedly, a passage in Genesis said they once did. So, to prove a point, Hull had a huge chunk [...]

Han van Meegeren’s Vermeer Forgeries

  This lie re­sulted from a classic case of wanting to please the critics. Han van Meegeren was an artist who felt underappreciated and thought he could trick art experts into admitting his genius.   In the early 20th century, scholars [...]

Alien x-Wing craft recovered during ww2

This recently discovered picture from ww2 shows american naval marines recovering a crashed alien craft. The picture, which was found during a recent clear out of archived files and photographs at Johnston Atoll. Johnston Atoll was a  U.S. [...]

Feejee Mermaid – Hoax?

Another famous hoax! – This time a mermaid The Feejee Mermaid was presented as a mummified body of something, supposedly a creature that was half mammal and half fish (like a grotesque version of normal mermaid stories).  The original [...]