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The Terrifying Smurl family haunting

The Smurl family become famous for their terrifying story. They went through hell and pure torture that no human being should have to endure. They moved to Pennsylvania in 1973 because their previous house became flooded. They had no idea that [...]

The Strange Harry Turner Incident Virginia (1979)

In September 1979, long haul truck driver, Harry Turner, awoke with a start in his truck in a parking lot. The only problem was, he had no memory of the journey he had taken. He sat thinking deeply when he noticed his handgun beside him – [...]

Have aliens visited the moon?

Bright Lights Strange lights and moving shadows have been seen on the moon by astronomers so often that NASA has even published a catalog of them. From the year 1540 to 1967, NASA lists over 570 strange moon events in a report called “Chronological [...]

Is something strange going on in space? Missing Space Probes & Satellites

When NASA launched their IMAGE satellite back in 2000, they were expecting the $150 million craft to have a long career of service as it photographed and studied the Earth’s surrounding magnetosphere. But that career was cut short in 2005, [...]

Weird Skulls, Alien Skulls, Giants Skulls

Unexplained Skulls THE WEIRD ANDOVER VAMPIRE SKULL For centuries, perhaps even millennia, people have been finding weird skulls and strange artefacts that they cannot easily explain. These range from gold coins embedded in coal to complicated [...]

The strange true mystery of the Chase Vault

In the 18th century, the Walronds, a wealthy rich family of planters built a rock-hewn tomb at Christ Church, Barbados. It was sealed with a massive marble door. One family member to be interred there was Mrs Thomasina Goddard, in 1807. A [...]

The strange mystery of flights 191, and the 5 times it crashed.

Flight 191 doesn’t refer to a specific crash but to incidents that have plagued a range of flights numbered 191. In fact, there have been so many catastrophes that, much like hotel owners who refuse to have a 13th floor, some superstitious [...]

Abraham Lincoln White House Ghost Photograph

During 1950, major renovation work was carried out at the White House in the Capital of the USA – Washington DC. Abbie Rowe, the official photographer of the presidential residence, wished to immortalize this period. One of the photographs [...]

The Mysterious Disappearance of Steven Kubacki, and his odd reappearance 15 months later.

Vanished into thin air One of the strangest missing person case ever recorded in the USA is that of Steven Kubacki. Steven Kubacki went missing for 15 months without a trace. It is then claimed woke up in a field wearing strange clothes with [...]

The strange story of Anna Ecklund: America’s Most Famous Case of Possession

Surprisingly enough, the story of Anna Ecklund is not an easy one to come by, especially since it is considered the most famous exorcism story in the United States. There are different, varying accounts to the whole thing, and very few books [...]