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The strange true mystery of the Chase Vault

In the 18th century, the Walronds, a wealthy rich family of planters built a rock-hewn tomb at Christ Church, Barbados. It was sealed with a massive marble door. One family member to be interred there was Mrs Thomasina Goddard, in 1807. A [...]

Abraham Lincoln White House Ghost Photograph

During 1950, major renovation work was carried out at the White House in the Capital of the USA – Washington DC. Abbie Rowe, the official photographer of the presidential residence, wished to immortalize this period. One of the photographs [...]

The strange story of Anna Ecklund: America’s Most Famous Case of Possession

Surprisingly enough, the story of Anna Ecklund is not an easy one to come by, especially since it is considered the most famous exorcism story in the United States. There are different, varying accounts to the whole thing, and very few books [...]

The haunting at The Birkdale Palace Hotel, England

The Birkdale Palace Hotel in Southport, Merseyside was a luxury hotel on the North-West coast of Lancashire. The huge building opened its grand doors in 1866 and lived a very colourful life before being torn down in 1969. It was long rumoured [...]

The Very Strange Tale of Olivia Mabel

In 1994, Texas authorities responded to silent 911 calls from the home of Olivia Mabel. What they found terrified them… The Mabel family The Mabel family lived in a quiet suburb of Celina, Texas, about an hour north of Dallas. Mother [...]

Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, The most haunted hotel in Canada

  The Ghosts of Fairmont Banff Springs This 129-year-old hotel has more than a few residents who’ve checked in but never checked out. Here are just a few…   The Bride Probably the most famous of all the spectres residing [...]

The Ballechin House, the most haunted place in Scotland

A haunted house Ballechin House was built in 1806 on the site of an old manor house which had been owned by the Stuart Family for over three centuries. In 1806 Robert Stuart was born in the new house. In 1825, at the age of 19, he went to India [...]
The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson

The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson

The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, also known as the Devil Made Me Do It Case, is the first known court case in the United States in which the defense sought to prove innocence based upon the defendant’s claim of demonic possession and [...]

The Southend Werewolf

Perhaps one of the more unusual cases from Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ case list, this investigation took the Warrens out of the U.S. to a seaside town in Essex, England. There, a man by the name of Bill Ramsey was believed to be possessed [...]

True scary supernatural ghost stories from Britain

Robert Baty Coffin Robert Baty was a youthful Englishman who dependably demanded being covered in his precursors’ vault in the congregation of Arthuret. On August 12, 1680, he inadvertently suffocated at 23 years old. In spite of his prior [...]