0430 2017TRENDING:

The strange mystery of Nina Kulagina and her psychokinesis

 Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina, better known to the world as Nina, was a tank radio sergeant who was injured in the latter stages of World War II, retired from the battlefield, and started a family. It was at this point that she started displaying [...]

Scottish police confirm poltergeist activity!

Strange activity, flying items, weird dog! Police officers in Scotland have called in representatives from the Catholic Church after investigating reports of “disturbing incidents” of a “poltergeist” at a family home. A mother [...]

The strange legend of Jenny Dixon Beach

Jenny Dixon Beach is home to one of Australia’s most famous urban legends. A woman appears, arms outstretched, beseeching the help of the observer. A nearby road is home to a phantom hitchhiker, a young woman who was murdered decades [...]

Dudleytown: The true story of America’s “Village of the Damned”

The Curse of DudleytownIt’s called the “Village of the Damned”, and it’s one of the most mysterious ‘ghost towns’ in AmericaDudleytown is a ghost town, located in northwestern Connecticut within the [...]

Ghost Ships – The Flying Dutchman

The Legend On 11 July 1881 the log of the British Royal Navy vessel Bacchante sailing off the Cape of Good Hope record, “During the middle watch, the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows. She . . . appeared as a strange, red light, as of a ship [...]

Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage) – Sweden

Borgvattnet is a small village in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden. It’s renowned for having one of the most haunted houses in Sweden, The Old Vicarage, which was built in 1876. A lot of spooky things! The first ghost ever documented at [...]

Bristol, Avon – The most haunted city in England

Haunted Bristol Bristol is a city beside the River Avon in the southwest of England with a somewhat bizarre maritime history. Its former city-centre port is now a cultural hub, the Harbourside. This area is said to be the most haunted place [...]

Terrifying places – The Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville Kentucky

Construction of what now stands as Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky began March of 1924. At the time, this was considered to be one of the most modern tuberculosis facilities in existence. In October of 1926 the [...]

Terrifying Places – Shades of Death Road, NJ

Terror, Mystery, MayhemShades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey is said to be haunted. It is is located near Jenny Jump State Forest and Ghost Lake. In the 1990s, two people wrote to Weird NJ magazine, claiming they had found strange [...]

The haunted castle – Loftus Hall County Wexford

Loftus Hall is a 22-bedroom period mansion on Hook Peninsula in County Wexford. The isolated house is set on 60 acres, overlooking a lonely stretch of the South East coast. Since it was abandoned over three decades ago, the grand building has [...]