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The strange and creepy legend of The Expressionless

The creepy tale of The Expressionless The Legend: In June of 1972, a woman appeared in Cedar Senai hospital in nothing but a white gown covered in blood. Now this in itself should not be too surprising as people often have accidents nearby [...]

The Strange Harry Turner Incident Virginia (1979)

In September 1979, long haul truck driver, Harry Turner, awoke with a start in his truck in a parking lot. The only problem was, he had no memory of the journey he had taken. He sat thinking deeply when he noticed his handgun beside him – [...]

The strange mystery of flights 191, and the 5 times it crashed.

Flight 191 doesn’t refer to a specific crash but to incidents that have plagued a range of flights numbered 191. In fact, there have been so many catastrophes that, much like hotel owners who refuse to have a 13th floor, some superstitious [...]

The Mysterious Disappearance of Steven Kubacki, and his odd reappearance 15 months later.

Vanished into thin air One of the strangest missing person case ever recorded in the USA is that of Steven Kubacki. Steven Kubacki went missing for 15 months without a trace. It is then claimed woke up in a field wearing strange clothes with [...]

Lost on the reef – The unexplained mystery of the missing divers

Mystery on the reef Americans Eileen and Tom Lonergan were keen divers, holidaying on Australia’s Gold Coast. On Sunday January 25, 1998 they set off on a dive trip to St. Crispin’s Reef, a popular site on the Great Barrier Reef, [...]

Strange and Mysterious Coincidences That Actually Happened!

The Incredible Story of Mr George D Bryson Mr. George D Bryson arrived at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky in 1953. Mr. Bryson was shown to room 307. After unpacking, he went down to reception to see if there were any letters or messages [...]

Some very strange things concerning real Werewolf stories.

Gilles Garnier – the wolf Besides being a recluse, Gilles Garnier was also a mass murderer who devoured children when they strayed from home. Witnesses who saw him committing these atrocious crimes said he sometimes took the form of [...]

The incredible story of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 (T-571) was a scheduled flight from Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo in Uruguay to Pudahuel Airport, Santiago in Chile with a stopover at Mendoza International Airport in Argentina. The Fairchild FH-227D [...]

The Strange Story of Arthur Furguson

Retired Glasgow-born actor Arthur Furguson was a terrific salesperson. However, like many other such people, he was unaware of his talent until one inspiring day when the perfect opportunity presented itself to him. His moment happened in Trafalgar [...]

A number of shocking discoveries of dead bodies

Chinese woman trapped for a month in an elevator starves to death A woman’s body was discovered in an elevator in Xi’an, China after she apparently starved to death. Workers found the body, which had been trapped in the elevator for [...]