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Proof of time travel? iPhone discovered in mysterious 350 year old picture

DID a time traveller from the future go back 350 years with an iPhone and get painted in the process? The picture above called “Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House” was painted by Pieter de Hooch in 1670 [...]

Time traveller – secret agent spotted in old pictures taken years apart!

Have a good look at the picture above, because amongst the crowd is a time traveler! A time traveler we have seen before! Everyone knows about the time travelling hipster – but did you know that the famous picture also shows another time [...]

The strange machine that receives messages from the future

It sounds simple… Build a machine that can pick up messages from the future. Save the design specifications for future generations that can then build a machine that will send messages back in time! That’s exactly the kind of machine [...]

Messages from the future could be discovered soon!

Time travel is likely impossible, but the possibility of sending messages back in time is real! According to recent scientific research papers, an experiment is now being considered that could prove warping time is possible. The team behind [...]

The Unexplained Disappearance of Ettore Majorana, (and mysterious reappearance 20 years later).

Strange Events Scientist, Ettore Majorana was born in Italy in 1906. He famously went missing, presumed dead on 27 March 1938, aged 32. It was claimed he disappeared, or vanished, suddenly under very mysterious circumstances while going by [...]

Time Travel and Project Pegasus

30/08/2013 – Inside Project Pegasus Teleportation Time Travel Proof – Attorney Andrew D. Basiago discussed his experiences within a secret DARPA program– “Project Pegasus,” and what he claimed to be the true history [...]

Strange criminals from the past – and maybe a time traveller

Joseph Messenger and Valerie Lowe were arrested in 1921 for breaking into an army warehouse and stealing boots and overcoats to the value of 29 pounds 3 shillings. The following year, when this photograph was taken, they were charged with breaking [...]

1898: The Girl from the Future – Time Traveller revealed

What is the best evidence of time travel? Rumours that a time traveller by the name of Alexandria Alexis travelled back to the Victoria Era only to go missing on New Year’s Eve 1899 have been popular on the Internet for a number of years. The [...]

1790 UFO crash or time traveller?

According to Antonio Fenoglio he visited the Archives of the French Academy of Sciences, Paris, and discovered the following report submitted to it. In 1975, Dr Jacques Vallee quoted the account and appeared to indicate that he had seen [...]

Time Travel evidence – new discovery

Ancient Artwork from the Getty shows a time traveler checking his laptop which also has clear USB ports on the side. What was a time traveller doing in Ancient Greece?