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Top 10 unexplained events you won’t believe!

You won’t believe these strange events are real! Well they are.

10 unexplained and Mysterious Photos

Have you ever had a favorite chair or perhaps a preferred spot on the couch that is just more comfortable than the other areas of the couch? So did Lord Combermere. Lord Combermere unfortunately got hit with a horse drawn carriage in 1891. [...]

Lost City of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a vast stone temple at the heart of an ancient stone city. But at the ends of its corridors and the centres of its hidden rooms lie surprising Buddhist shrines still active in a place abandoned for hundreds of years. These Buddhist [...]

ANCIENT MYSTERIES Maya Pyramids of Chichen Itza

Why did the Maya abandon their magnificent city of Chichen Itza? this short film explores one of the biggest ancient mysteries. Chichen Itza which means “at the mouth of the well of Itza “, is the 2nd most visited archeological site of [...]

Documentary – Worlds Greatest Mysteries

When scientists run tests on mummies they find traces of cocaine in their hair. Did Ancient Egyptian pharaohs get the coca plant from South America to Egypt? The San Francisco sea lions from Pier 39 mysteriously vanish only to turn up in Oregon [...]

Underground UFO bases – Documentary

Does America harbor underground military facilities that serve as the nerve centers for some of our government’s darkest secrets, including the study of UFOs and alien life? The UFO Documentary Hangar 1 The UFO Files – Underground [...]

The worlds most mysterious pictures ever taken!

The unexplained pictures This picture remains unexplained – it reportedly shows a ghost on the top of the light house and has been seen on a number of occasions Nobody believed Doris Bither. She was a constantly drunk mother who abused [...]

Ancient Alien Relics

Could the truth of mankind’s origins be found in the mysterious relics revered by ancient cultures for thousands of years and displayed today in our museums, temples and churches? Some say alien life forms have visited Earth throughout [...]

Ancient Aliens – The Red Planet

In this episode, throughout human history, the planet Mars has captured our imagination. Ancient Egyptian astronomers were the first to record the red planet on a chart of the cosmos known as the Senenmut star map. Scholars believe Mars played [...]

Ancient Aliens – the Anunnakis

The Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia achieved over one hundred “firsts” for human civilization. Advances in writing, agriculture, science, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, transportation, building, military, schools and city planning, [...]