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10 Strange things that vanished without a trace!

Cromwell’s head vanished After winning the Civil War, Oliver Cromwell died in 1658 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. But when the monarchy was restored Charles II had him exhumed, hung and decapitated. His head was on a spike outside Westminster [...]

Strange and spooky castles in the UK

 The UK is full of spooky castles – here is our selection of the best of them.This spooky ruined castle on the Jurassic Coast is over 5,000 years old – and a strong reminder of Britain’s gruesome past. Its stories [...]
Unexplained sounds

10 strange unexplained sounds that remain a mystery

What explaination can be found for the many odd sounds that can be heard or recorded around the world? Top scientists continue to be puzzled by many of these strange sounds: Here are the 10 most mysterious ones: 10. Russian broadcast Broadcasting [...]

Strange pictures : taken from space

Irrigation system, Al-Jawf, Libya Al-Jawf, a town in Libya, is almost completely dependent on irrigated water. In the image below, the hexagonal shapes etched into the surface of the Sahara Desert represent agricultural oases up to 1km in diameter.Copper [...]

6 Strange unexplained phenomena happening around the world!

The strange harbour Mille incident The Harbour Mille incident wasn’t just another bizarre UFO story but the reported sightings of multiple unidentified flying objects during the night of January 25, 2010, near Harbour Mille, Canada. At [...]
London’s most notorious gangsters the Kray Twins

London’s most notorious gangsters the Kray Twins

10 shocking facts 1. Reginald and Ronald, aka “Reggie” and “Ronnie”, carved their names into the history of London’s East End, as two of the country’s most notorious gangsters during the 1960s. 2. The twins called a modest four-roomed [...]
UFO picture

Are these strange unexplained pictures proof of Aliens?

This photograph of a UFO was captured by a military pilot on June 18th, 1979 over Treviso Airbase Italy. It remains unexplained, and is considered one of Italy’s most famous UFO sightings.An eerie turquoise light spotted over Norway [...]

5 Mysterious locations that are kept secret!

The vatican secret archives What’s inside the Vatican Secret Archives is no secret at all. Documents up to 2,000 years old are stored inside, including Henry VIII’s petitions to divorce Catherine of Aragon, but all of them older then [...]

Real haunted houses and the horror stories behind them!

In 1941, The Haught Mansion (Brush Park, MI) was used as a brothel for upscale gentlemen. Years later several dead bodies were found in the cellar of the mansion. Each body had been marked by a what appeared to be a perfect circle on the torso [...]

Are these “out of place” artifacts unexplained? (OOPArt)

unexplained artifacts These OOPARTS are debatably for being unusual, although not impossible for their time period or for being entirely out of place!Antikythera mechanism: Its clockwork-like appearance, dating to about 1,000 years before [...]