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Some very strange and mysterious facts about Bitcoin

Strange and mysterious facts about Bitcoin It’s almost impossible not to have heard about Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies over the last few years. But few people are aware of the mysterious and strange facts surrounding them. The [...]

The very strange death of Danny Casolaro, and the odd events that followed

A strange death Writer, Danny Casolaro was found dead on 10th August 1991 he was found submerged in a bathtub in Room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times The official verdict was suicide. At [...]

The Chilling Case of the Carbon Copy Murders 157 Years Apart!

THE ERDINGTON MURDERS COINCIDENCE On 27 May 1817, the body of a murder victim – 20-year-old Mary Ashford was found in a flooded sandpit at Erdington, a village lying five miles outside of Birmingham in England. Exactly 157 years afterwards [...]

The Strange Unsolved Mystery Referred To As “The American Dyatlov Pass”

In 1978 five men mysteriously disappeared in Chico, CA, on the way home from a college basketball game. A month later their car and most of their bodies were discovered in a field, frozen to death in spite of being so close to civilization. [...]

The strange story of the Black Bird of Chernobyl

Beginning in early April 1986 the people in and around the little known Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant began to experience a series of strange events revolving around sightings of a mysterious creature described as a large, dark, and headless [...]

Mystery deepens over world’s biggest explosion 110 years ago in Russia.

The world’s biggest explosion – a blast in Russia the size of 185 Hiroshima bombs that was felt as far away as Britain and the US – remains a mystery after experts debunked ‘proof’ it was a meteorite. A large fireball [...]

Ancient Settlements That Were Abandoned for Mysterious Reasons

The Indus Valley Civilization, Pakistan Home to one of the greatest man-made architectural wonders of the ancient world, the Indus Valley Civilization (known at the height of its influence as the Harappan Civilization) was among the largest [...]

Intriguing Cases Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Although spontaneous human combustion is not recognized as a medical condition, there’s no denying that the phenomenon itself is very real, even if we don’t understand what it is or why it happens. The most mainstream theory is called the [...]

Bermeja Island – The island that vanished !

On maps dating as far back as the 1700s, Isla Bermeja was shown off the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast, at a greater distance than any other island claimed by Mexico. The island was just what the country needed to extend its claim on offshore [...]

The strange disappearance of David Stone

A strange story David Stone was a man who appeared to have it all. He was a successful stock market analyst making good money in a stable career, who was big into the New Age movement – a popular subculture in the 1980s – and [...]