1022 2017TRENDING:

The mystery of Forest Fenn’s Buried Treasure

When wealthy art dealer Forrest Fenn contracted cancer, he resolved to leave a legacy that would remind people he had once been here. He buried more than $1 million worth of gold and treasure in a mountain range north of Santa Fe. In 2011, [...]

Jerome: The Mystery of the Man Who Came Out of Nowhere,

When a mysterious man with no legs was found on a beach in Nova Scotia, the locals took on the burden of caring for this stranger who seemed to come out of nowhere. The Mystery Man of Nova Scotia On September 8, 1863, an eight-year-old boy [...]

Hitlers secret Nazi base discovered in Arctic

Hitler’s secret Arctic base discovered by Russian scientists For decades, the mysterious site known as ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’ on Alexandra Land in the Arctic Circle, was thought to just be a wartime myth.Over [...]

The strange legend of the black eyed kids

Tales about Black Eyed Kids litter the Internet, but is the story Legend or Truth?Legend? Black-eyed children (or black-eyed kids) are an urban legend of supposed paranormal creatures that resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16, with [...]

Russian Mystery – The Blazing Orb Of Chelyabinsk

In February 2013, a meteor streaked over the town of Chelyabinsk, glowing with the intensity of 30 suns and eventually exploding in the air in the largest airburst since 1908’s famous Tunguska Event. It hospitalized over 1,200 people and [...]

Who as really flying the planes on 9/11?

Hours after the 9-11 attacks, authorities began to find clues conveniently left for them to stumble upon. The Boston Globe reported that a copy of the Koran, instructions on how to fly a commercial airplane and a fuel consumption calculator [...]

The unexplained mystery of the St. Augustine Monster

St. Augustine MonsterOne evening in November 1896 two men were cycling along the coast just outside their hometown of St Augustine, Florida. As they looked over the beach, they noticed a huge carcass. It was 23 feet long, 18 feet wide, four [...]

Lady Lovibond The Legendary Ghost Ship

The true story of Lady Lovibond There is a legendary story of a ghost ship called the Lady Lovibond that appears every 50 years near Kent, England which was reputedly involved in one of the hundreds of marine tragedies associated with the [...]

The Strange Mystery of The Tara Calico Case

Details: Nineteen-year-old Tara Calico left her home at 9:30 am in Belen, New Mexico, on the morning of September 20, 1988, to go on her normal 34 mile bike ride. She was last seen riding her neon Pink Huffy bicycle with yellow control cables [...]

Has the $400million Amber Room stolen by the NAZI’s been found?

Missing: The Amber Room was completed at Catherine Palace in 1770, but was stolen by the Nazis in 1941. It was taken to Koenigsberg Castle, in what was then in East Prussia, but disappeared in January 1945. The castle is now found in the city [...]