Unexplained UFO picture New Zealand

Unexplained UFO photos that remain a mystery

A collection of unexplained real UFO pictures has just been declassified and investigators are unable to provide an explanation for them. Captured in 1951, this strange picture has baffled experts ever since. This UFO was spotted tailing [...]
The Flatwoods Monster

The strange true story of the Flatwoods Alien

Just before the sunset and the dark set in, on September 12, 1952, in Flatwoods, WV, a group of school boys saw a strange UFO streak across the sky and then crash land on a nearby hill. The boys rushed to the UFO crash site gathering more people [...]
Is this  a real UFO ?

UFO clue to unexplained Valentich plane mystery

Almost 40 years since pilot Fred Valentich vanished without a trace, an independent researcher says there is evidence suggesting the 20-year-old’s Cessna was spotted in the sky over South Australia — attached to a UFO. The Victorian UFO [...]

Victorian visitation? Mystery of ‘UFO photo’ from 1870

Victorian visitation? Mystery of ‘UFO photo’ from 1870 A photograph showing a strange, cigar-shaped object over the top of Mount Washington showed what appeared to be an alien spacecraft – in 1870. A photograph showing a strange, [...]

1790 UFO crash or time traveller?

According to Antonio Fenoglio he visited the Archives of the French Academy of Sciences, Paris, and discovered the following report submitted to it. In 1975, Dr Jacques Vallee quoted the account and appeared to indicate that he had seen [...]

Aurora UFO crash remains a real alien mystery

Aurora, Texas was Roswell before Roswell: a middle-of-nowhere town that suddenly became surrounded by legend when an alleged alien visitor crash-landed from outer space. On this date in 1897 the alien UFO allegedly smashed into a windmill belonging [...]

The strange Falcon Lake UFO incident

The UFO According to authors Chris Rutkowski and Geoff Dittman, Michalak, a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, had taken a short vacation in Whiteshell Provincial Park to prospect veins of quartz near Falcon Lake when he spotted two cigar-shaped [...]

Mystery of the 1947 UFO invasion

UFO invaders June 21, 1947, Harold Dahl and three other people were in their boat off Maury Island (now called Vashon Island) when they reported seeing six flying saucers dumping hot, black, lava-like rocks on the water and land. Dahl told [...]

Churchill, UFO’s and the big cover-up!

Years after his death, Winston Churchill continues to make news. If it’s not his triumphant dentures, it’s his possible cover-up of a UFO sighting. Britain’s Ministry of Defense has just released its latest batch of UFO-related [...]

Very Strange UFO Sightings that could be real!

The 1965 Sighting In Kecksburg, Pennsylvania You know you’ve made it in the world of mysterious alien encounters when people refer to your UFO sighting as a bona fide “incident.” Such is the case of the 1965 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania [...]

The mystery of Frederick Valentich

Frederick Valentich was a 20-year old pilot of a Cessna 182L light aircraft who, on October 21, 1978, was on his way to King Island, in Australia, to pick up three or four friends and return to Moorabbin Airport, from which he had departed. [...]

Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed

In an investigation of some of the most puzzling UFO sightings in Soviet history, we uncover the work of an underground network of UFO believers and reveal a clandestine 13-year government investigation of UFOs. Many Russian UFO enthusiasts [...]

Historic UFO audio archive dating back to the 40s recovered

A historic UFO audio archive documenting the beginning of the modern UFO era has been made available online. The archive was compiled by Wendy Connors and Roderick Dyke, and re-discovered and made available online by Isaac Koi and Giuliano [...]