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The famous Swiss watch found in a tomb in China is an example of possible time travel evidence. This cool and interesting discovery was made in December 2008. Chinese archaeologists allegedly removed the opening of a giant coffin within what was believed to be an undisturbed, 400-year old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County.

As they removed the soil around the coffin, however, they were shocked  to discover the tiny watch.

A small piece of metal shaped like a watch, with the time frozen at 10:06.

They believed they were the first to visit the Ming dynasty grave in Shangsi,  southern China, since its occupant’s funeral.

The watch in the shape of a ring marked  ‘Swiss’ that is thought to be just a century old. The mysterious timepiece was encrusted in mud and rock and had stopped at  10:06. Watches were not around at the time of the Ming Dynasty and Switzerland did  not even exist as a country, an expert pointed out.

When officals from the China historical department said “Time Travel! – no comment” it made world news.

china time travel


The archaeologists were also  filming a documentary with two journalists when they  made the puzzling discovery.

‘When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, suddenly a piece  of rock dropped off and hit the ground with metallic sound,’ said Jiang Yanyu,  former curator of the Guangxi Museum.

‘We picked up the object, and found it was a ring. ‘After removing the covering soil and examining it further, we were shocked  to see it was a watch,’ he added. The Ming Dynasty – or the Empire of the Great Ming – was the was ruling  dynasty in China from 1368 to 1644

What the watch looked like new, what kind of time traveller would own such bling?


You must read the following story on time travel

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  • Holly Shelton

    Doctor stop leaving evidence behind.



  • Doc McFly

    Whoismthis doctor you speak about!?

    • Doc McFly

      Doctor who maybe?

  • Akmid Morros

    Interesting stuff, you have some great articles on time travel, and some pretty hard proof.

    The astronaut on the ancient church is amazing – best evidence I have seen.

    Keep up the good work

    • Seth McMullan

      Evidence? They didn’t mention a single source, they didn’t explain if the ring is a real broken and once working watch or is it’s just a stone ring that looks like a watch, they didn’t say why they think it’s a Swiss watch, the “Chinese government official” wasn’t name or sourced. This could all be made up whole-cloth. 

      • jason Macdonald

        Sounds like a true skep troll. I bet you believe everything too that science and the govt tell you — LMAO

  • Rob

    Shocked and amazed, huh? I swear

  • Clara O

    Doctor you had one job

  • Dr Jones

    The article on mark zakerburgh or however it’s spelt being a time traveller is awesome

    Love it

  • John smith

    whoops, i thought i was missing something o.o;;

  • skye

    Ok. Analog clock. Stuck at 10:06……..AM? How do we know it’s AM? FAKE

    • aladin

      it could be pm, either way it was 10.06

  • andrew engelke

    how do we know that it was actually a swiss watch. they told us it was but how do we know?

    • aladin

      cos it said made in Swiss?

  • andrew engelke

    switzerland was declared a country on 1291

  • NanoSpectro

    Time travel possibly. But what I realized is maybe this involves the future occurance of a meme 10:06 or 90:01? Over 9000, has to be time travel or the archaeologists are obsessed with Dragon Ball memes.

  • lovedocs

    Any update on this story?