Strange Things on Mars


The Mars rover is now strolling around the moon zapping rocks and taking some cool pictures of the Martian world, but its not going to be looking at any of these unexplained mysteries on Mars.


If these are not pictures of Alien tunnels on Mars then what are they ? We are not convinced by NASA’s natural causes story.


And what about this overhead shot ?  This has to be a tunnel on Mars


So if they are tunnel then who built them? Maybe this is the Skull of an ancient alien, its another strange thing on Mars.

The Mars Skull


Skull found on Mars !

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  • Mason Servio

    The skull must be real, that’s never a natural formation. The tunnel is a giant worm track. Aliens obviously visited Mars many thousands of years ago, likely on the way to earth.

    It’s only a matter of time till we discover proof

  • John

    Its the Protheans!