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The very odd Allagash Affair – Alien evidence?

The Allagash Affair This case involves four credible witnesses. In 1976 four buddies: Chuck Rak, Charlie Foltz, and Jack and Jim Weiner decided to take a camping trip. All the men were students majoring in art. They left on August 20, a Friday [...]

NASA make major announcement about Saturn and alien life

There might be alien life in our own solar system, NASA has announced. All of the necessary things to support life have been found on one of the moons that orbits Saturn. Enceladus has chemicals that when found on Earth tend to indicate life, [...]

The strange unexplained Skinny Bob KGB video!

One of America’s most well-known conspiracy theories — that an alien ship crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in the 1950s — is still giving willing theorists thrills more than 50 years later. In 2011, a new YouTube user [...]

Proxima b: Newly discovered planet ‘likely’ to support life!

The discovery of alien life could be a step closer after scientists found a newly discovered planet is “likely” to harbour life forms. A team at the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory (CNRS) believes planet Proxima b, which was first spotted [...]

Alien Evidence – ‘World on brink of being told aliens EXIST’

THE world’s population is being primed for an announcement that aliens have visited Earth after NASA hinted at new developments, conspiracy theorists have shockingly claimed. Alien Skulls The story went viral online, claiming that three [...]

Barack Obama ‘on brink of revealing intelligent aliens visit Earth’

PRESIDENT Barack Obama will reveal to the world intelligent aliens exist and have visited Earth before the end of his final term, according to a US lobbyist. Steve Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, is the only registered [...]

Aliens are extinct! claims scientists – but maybe not!

    Astronomers have been peering at the sky for clues (Parkes radio telescope pictured) that there may be alien life forms on other planets for decades, but a new theory suggests that in the majority of cases, life would have died [...]

NASA gets all serious about alien life disclosure

Nasa claims we’ll find aliens very soon – and now the agency is revving up its efforts to track them down. NASA has now put together a team of ‘extraterrestrial experts’ or as they have become known, “alien hunters” [...]

Unexplained mystery radio bursts messages could be from ALIENS?

BURSTS of radio waves flashing across the sky seem to follow a mathematical pattern. If the pattern is real, either some strange celestial physics is going on, or the bursts are artificial, produced by human – or alien – technology. Scientists [...]

Organic UFO Floating Through Space?

This NASA satellite image from deep space shows a massive anomalous object that currently has not been identified. The extremely peculiar shape, which doesn’t seem to be an explosion of any sort, could be a spacecraft or, as some have suggested, [...]