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The mystery of Dr. Hopkins And The Man In Black

The case of Dr Hopkins Location: Old Orchard Beach, ME Dr. Herbert Hopkins, a 58 year old doctor and hypnotist, was acting as consultant on an alleged UFO teleportation case in Maine. One evening, when his wife and children had gone out leaving [...]

The Travis Walton Alien Abduction

Travis Walton is an American logger who was allegedly abducted by a UFO on November 5, 1975, while working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Walton reappeared after a five-day search. The Travis Walton [...]

Ancient Alien Cauldrons in Siberia are Real!

A team of scientists and researchers have just returned from an expedition in Siberia and the Valley of the Dead and are claiming they have found proof of at least five of the legendary cauldrons that ancient aliens supposedly built. Ancient [...]

Will Alien evidence be disclosed in 2014? – POLL

With rumours growing by the week on real certain evidence of alien life, we ask will official disclosure be made in 2014? Sources state that Polls reveal that over 90% of Americans believe in UFO’s and 95% of these people believe the government [...]

Russians Make Major UFO Disclosure Statement, Aliens Are Real

According to this new information the Russians have known about alien civilizations for several decades, to many this comes as no surprise, there have been rumors floating around for many years. Well respected military and government scientist [...]

Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer Admits UFOs and ETs are Real: What Else are They not Telling You

  THE UFO disclosure has been going on for decades, but it has been a slow process due to certain factions of secret societies threatening and assassinating any influential people who wants to expose to the public that UFOs and extraterrestrials [...]

Aliens could cyber attack in 2013

ANALYSIS: Why Would Aliens Invade? Ever since H.G. Wells’ 1898 classic novel “The War of the Worlds,” science fiction books, movies, and even video games have had fun portraying alien invasion fleets pillaging Earth. Even the esteemed [...]
obama-aliens attack

Obama to save us from Alien Attack!!

If the Earth ever is attacked by hostile beings from another planet, a strong majority of voters believe Mr. Obama would be superior in dealing with the situation. In what may be our favorite polling question of the campaign so far, a survey [...]

Alien Contact could be Dangerous

Nobel Prize laureate Brian P. Schmidt has said it is probably unwise for human beings to be telling aliens where we are. “I think it is probably not the smartest thing to tell the aliens where we are, as any encounter with aliens may not [...]

Most Plausible Alien Encounters

Most Plausible Alien Encounters Here are some of the most plausible alien encounters to date. Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting In 1492, as Christopher Columbus sailed across the sea on the Santa Maria in search of America, he witnessed an [...]