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Documentary – Area 51 Revisited

George Knapp was joined by the legendary and elusive Bob Lazar, along with Gene Huff and John Lear, for a discussion on the 20th anniversary of the program UFOs: The Best Evidence which first told the story of Area 51. Appearing alone in the [...]

Aliens are REAL and FRIENDLY, claims ex-Area 51 scientist

Boyd Bushman is a deceased aerospace engineer with a supposedly “top secret clearance” who claimed colleagues in the aerospace and defense industry furnished him with undeniable evidence of space aliens for over a decade. Dr Boyd [...]

Mystery mushroom cloud filmed billowing from Area 51

Mystery mushroom cloud filmed billowing from Area 51 ‘alien’ base Clinton has eyes on INVESTIGATORS trying to uncover details about what goes on inside the mysterious top-secret US military base Area 51 stumbled across what they [...]
are 51 mystery

Area 51 – The real mystery

  Area 51, Roswell incident and UFO conspiracy theories   Area 51 has long been the subject of UFO conspiracy theories probably because the facility is used for classified aircraft research. Conspiracy theorists have alleged that [...]

Mysterious Lines in China’s Desert – Alien Contact ?

  A strange tangle of white lines in the Chinese desert has people scratching their heads and wondering who made them—and why. According to a Gizmodo post “Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert?” New [...]

Area 51: Declassified photos

A supersecret military base on the southern shore of Nevada’s Groom Lake has been the object of speculation over UFOs, and aliens for decades. It hasn’t helped that the government has barely acknowledged the site’s existence. But now, [...]