0223 2018TRENDING:

The DB Cooper mystery and the 8:13 problem

At least 95 percent of all investigations into the DB Cooper hijacking have made the same assumption. They all believe that he jumped out of the Boeing 727 at 8:13 pm which would have meant he was over a forest wilderness area north of Portland [...]

More Mysterious Mothman sightings in Chicago.

The tale of the Mothman begins back in the 1960s in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where over the course of 13 months it allegedly appeared to multiple people and even heralded the fatal collapse of the city’s Silver Bridge in 1967. The [...]

Ghost boats: Who is sending ships filled with corpses to Japan?

Mysterious “ghost boats” — wrecked wooden ships with decaying corpses on board — are washing up on the shores of Japan. Nearly a dozen boats carrying decomposing bodies were found off the country’s northwestern coast [...]

NASA – Will Dawn spacecraft find aliens on Ceres?

Nasa’s Dawn spacecraft prepares to orbit the dwarf planet Ceres. THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF CERES Ceres is the closest dwarf planet to the sun and is located in the asteroid belt, making it the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system. Ceres [...]

Sirius – The Documentary

We are definitely not alone in the Universe… nor here on Planet Earth. Sirius is an important documentary from Emmy award winning Director Amardeep Kaleka. Yekra Player Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films. Sirius “Sirius” [...]

NASA – Mars could have supported life!

Several billion years ago, Mars may well have been a pleasant place for tiny microbes to live, with plenty of water as well as minerals that could have served as food, NASA scientists claim. Curiosity rover finds ancient network of rivers on [...]

NASA – New Mars Pictures

Nasa has released a new full-circle image of planet Mars, which it says is the “next best thing to being there”. The view comes from the panoramic camera on Nasa’s Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, combining 817 images. It [...]

‘We’ve Discovered Something’ – Breaking News

After four years of high-energy particle demolition inside the detectors of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), are physicists on the verge of announcing one of the most significant discoveries of our time? If you’ve seen this morning’s [...]

Mars Curiosity – Watch Live Touch Down Here

As you’ve probably gleaned by now, for NASA followers and fans, to say nothing of the casual observer, the mission is a must-see event. You may be thinking, “That’s great, but where can I watch it?” well you can watch the live Mars [...]