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LE MEURTRE TROUBLANT DE LA FAMILLE DUPONT DE LIGONNÈS Découvrez des affaires très étranges, des mystères inexpliqués et toutes sortes de choses bizarres. En 2011, à Nantes, dans l’ouest de la France, tous les membres de la famille Dupont [...]

The unexplained mystery of Ada Constance Kent – “The skeleton in the bedroom”

The mystery of the missing actress, that was found 10 years later – as a skeleton!   The Strange Riddle of the Fingringhoe Skeleton, Ada Constance Kent(AKA Connie Kent) was a British actress, who appeared in both stage and film productions. [...]

The shocking story of Elmer Crawford who electrocuted his wife by placing alligator clips on her ears.

Shocking Story 15m electrical cord, with a plug at one end and an extension cord socket on the other, was discarded at the Glenroy home, when Crawford left suddenly before he had a chance to cover up his evil crimes. The cord was a crudely-built [...]

Unsolved Mysteries – serial killers who were never caught

Discover the top 10 most notorious serial killers that never got caught !. The Zodiac Killer Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California Number of victims: 5 confirmed dead, 20-28 presumed, 2 survived Beginning the late 1960s, a serial killer [...]

The Weirdest Unexplained Mysteries Of The ’90s – Amber Hagerman

There were a number of mysteries that took over the TV during the ’90s; and those mysteries still baffle us to this day. Kidnappings, murders, and claims of UFO and alien sightings — no one can argue that the ’90s were uneventful. [...]

The strange story of Adolph Luetgert, The sausage murderer

After finding that his German sausages were well-liked in Chicago, Adolph Luetgert built a sausage plant at the southwest corner of Hermitage and Diversey Parkway in 1894. He was so taken with his own success that he also built a three-story [...]

The Horrifying Unsolved Murders Of The Zodiac Killer

No unsolved serial murder case is as strange as the Zodiac Killer! In the late ’60s and early ’70s, the Zodiac Killer terrorized Northern California, killing at least five people and claiming to have killed 37 people in total. Due to his [...]

The shocking Bodies in the Barrels murders – 1992-1999

The Snowtown murders (also known as the bodies in the barrels murders) was a shocking series of homicides committed by John Bunting, Robert Wagner, and James Vlassakis between August 1992 and May 1999 in South Australia. A fourth person, Mark [...]

The shocking true story of Issei Sagawa

Sagawa, a Sorbonne student in the ‘80s, noticed a pretty young Nordic classmate of his and then one day thought, “I wonder if I could eat her.” He went on to entice her to his home, where he killed her, had sex with her corpse, and proceeded [...]

The Monster with 21 Faces – The Glico-Morinaga Case

Okay, brace yourselves, because this case is as twisted as a TV crime show. It deals with the Japanese companies Ezaki Glico, best known for its Pocky snacks, and Morinaga. In 1984, two armed men in masks broke into CEO Katsuhisa Ezaki’s [...]