0324 2018TRENDING:

MARS HENGE: Is ‘perfect stone circle’ found on Red Planet proof of intelligent aliens?

The strange ring, which has been branded an eroded rock formation by sceptics, was found in NASA images taken by the Curiosity Rover droid which is exploring the Martian surface taking samples and pictures. When scaled correctly, the mysterious [...]

Mars Rover – Curiosity investigates strange unexplained iron

Just what is this lump of iron found on Mars? Laser-zapping of the globular, golf-ball-size objectby NASA’s Curiosity rover confirms that it is an iron-nickel meteorite fallen from the Red Planet’s sky. Iron-nickel meteorites are [...]

NASA Curiosity Landing Video

Nasa’s Curiosity rover sends back its first colour image of Mars surface More photos and panoramas expected to show ‘a new Mars we have never seen before’ as roving lab powers up to full strength The rover  has transmitted [...]