0422 2018TRENDING:

The DB Cooper mystery and the 8:13 problem

At least 95 percent of all investigations into the DB Cooper hijacking have made the same assumption. They all believe that he jumped out of the Boeing 727 at 8:13 pm which would have meant he was over a forest wilderness area north of Portland [...]

Heist – The $20 Million Heist at the Rio Carnival

As anyone who has ever watched a good art heist flick knows, the key is in the planning. First, you need to assemble a trustworthy team with a variety of useful skills. You need to choose your targets…and ensure they’re portable. Then, [...]

The strange mystery of The Bonded Vault Heist at the Mob Bank

The strange mystery of The Bonded Vault Heist at the Mob Bank hidden at the Hudson Fur Storage Often regarded as the perfect heist, or the last great heist – The Bonded Vault Heist story is a strange tale of lies and betrayal within the [...]

Crime: America’s first bank robbery

The Bank of Pennsylvania Heist is usually billed as America’s first bank robbery. It occurred in late August 1798 at the Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Today, it’s better remembered for the false imprisonment of Pat Lyon, who later [...]

The Biggest heists in history! – Great Gold Robbery of 1855

Value of gold stolen today – $322million Recovered – just $2600 The 1855 Gold Robbery On the night of 15 May 1855, three boxes containing gold belonging to Abell and Co., Spielmann, and Bult were delivered by a firm of carriers [...]

Strange heists – Dog Day Afternoon

The strange John Wojtowicz & Salvatore Naturile Robbery, 1972 Some heists are just made for film! On August 22nd, 1972, a branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank in Brooklyn, New York was held up by two homosexuals wielding rifles. These men [...]

Strange heists – Brian Wells Robbery, AKA Pizza Bomber

In 2003 Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man, received a call to deliver a pizza to an address which later proved to be fake. When he arrived at the location, two men forced him at gunpoint to put on a large metal collar with a time-bomb attached. [...]

Hatton Garden Heist – Robbers targeted mysterious object!

Hatton Garden robbers left ‘hundreds’ of items including gold bars, diamonds and jewels behind on vault floor. Police suspect they may have been hunting for one specific mysterious object. One victim, a gold dealer, has now also [...]

Worlds Biggest Heists – London Hatton Garden £200m Diamond Robbery, Easter 2015.

Over the Easter weekend in 2015 daring thieves made away with an estimated £200m haul of diamonds and other jewellery after robbing safe deposit boxes at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd in London’s famous diamond quarter district of Hatton [...]

Worlds Biggest Heists – Two diamond heists at same hotel net millions!

Millions of euros worth of diamonds and jewels have been stolen from this French hotel. The InterContinental Carlton Cannes is a 343-room luxury hotel built in 1911, located at 58 La Croisette in Cannes on the French Riviera and listed by the [...]