0223 2018TRENDING:

Hubble spots something very, very strange hurtling through our solar system!

The Hubble space telescope has unravelled the mystery of a strange asteroid which had also been classified as a comet – and which had puzzled astronomers. Hubble was used to image the asteroid, designated 2006 VW139, in September 2016 – [...]

Hubble’s Jupiter Maps Reveal Very Weird Structures!

Over a 10 hour period, the Hubble Space Telescope gazed at the solar system’s largest planet to produce one of the most spectacular maps of Jupiter’s complex and dynamic atmosphere. Immediately astronomers were able to measure the size [...]

Signs of Water Found on 5 Alien Planets

NASA NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has detected traces of water in the atmospheres of five planets beyond our solar system, recent studies reveal. The exoplanets with traces of water are all scorching-hot, Jupiter-size worlds that are [...]

Hubble spots real Space Invader !

Is ET playing a JOKE on us earthlings ?   So it may look like an attacker from a 1980s computer game, but Nasa today revealed this photo taken by Hubble of a massive cluster of galaxies two billion light years from Earth is an optical [...]