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JFK files detail CIA plans to kill Castro

Cuban assassination plots involving exploding seashells and poisoned swimsuits. Bounties on the heads of high-profile communists. A secretive investigation that tracked John F. Kennedy’s assassin into Mexico. As scholars, journalists and [...]

Was Marilyn Monroe MURDERED because she knew aliens existed?

A BIZARRE new conspiracy claims that Marilyn Monroe was murdered after threatening to leak classified information on the existence of aliens. Despite almost 55 years passing since the 36-year-old actress was found dead at her Los Angeles home, [...]

John F. Kennedy Assassination Hoax Conspiracy Theory

The United States could be considered the conspiracy theory capital of the world at the moment. By no means alone in that respect, not many places around the world can point to so many world changing events in history and saddle ‘conspiracy [...]

The Babushka Lady – the mystery revealed

The mysterious Babuska Lady The ‘Babushka Lady is a nickname for an unknown woman present during the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy who might have photographed the events that occurred in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza [...]

JFK Conspiracy – The Kennedy Brain

John F. Kennedy died on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Since this date there have been numerous claims of conspiracy and foul play. In this article we will be covering the rather morbid case of the Kennedy brain… Kennedy So we all know [...]

Strange facts concerning the JFK assassination

The mysterious autopsy After the shooting, Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to Texas state law, the President’s body was not allowed to be taken from the hospital until after an autopsy [...]

JFK Assassination – Was Dallas shooting plan B?

Evidence of Assassination Plan A Plenty of evidence points at a high-level conspiracy to assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Recent evidence that has come to light suggest that there was an assassination Plan A and assassination [...]

JFK Assassination – What did Mary Moorman’s missing photo show?

Mary Ann Moorman was a witness to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. She is best known for her photograph capturing the presidential limousine a fraction of a second after the fatal shot. She and her friend, Jean Hill, can [...]

The strange case of the umbrella man at JFK Assassination

The strange and mysterious figure that was seen during the JFK assassination, now referred to as the umbrella man remains one of the weirdest events from the day of the assassination. The umbrella man can be seen in several videotapes and [...]

The JFK assassination, was it a conspiracy?

  The JFK assassination – was it a conspiracy? The Simple facts of the JFK Assassination are as follows: On 22 November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was travelling in an open top limousine in a motorcade through the centre of [...]