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Mars Rover – Curiosity investigates strange unexplained iron

Just what is this lump of iron found on Mars? Laser-zapping of the globular, golf-ball-size objectby NASA’s Curiosity rover confirms that it is an iron-nickel meteorite fallen from the Red Planet’s sky. Iron-nickel meteorites are [...]

Has the NASA rover captured an image of a Crucifix on Mars

Incredible Mars picture shows crucifix and ruins of fallen temple on red planet! Curiosity has been on Mars for more than three years and has sent several selfies back to earth , including one to celebrate one Martian year on the planet – [...]
Animal on Mars

Strange alien like animal found on Mars!

The latest NASA pictures from the Mars Rover have captured a shot of a strange alien like animal on the surface of Mars. Over the last year, the Rover has been sending great images of the surface of Mars, and this is not the first time an unexplained [...]

Strange things found on Mars!

What is this? A vacuum cleaner head ? Is it an artifact from some ancient Martian civilization? Or could it indeed be a man-made object, discarded from the rover itself?These are blow-ups and enhancements of a picture taken by one of the [...]

The unexplained mysterious rock on Mars

Mystery on Mars: Scientists baffled after rock suddenly appears out of nowhere in front of Opportunity rover Opportunity rover hasn’t moved in over a month as it awaits better weather Photo taken on Jan 8th shows a rock that wasn’t [...]

Best evidence yet Mars was once habitable

Scientists have discovered the strongest evidence to date that Mars was once a habitable planet capable of supporting primitive microbial life-forms at some time in the past. An international team of researchers has found that about 3.6 billion [...]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Signs that Ancient Mars Had Water

    NASA’s Curiosity rover has found yet more evidence of ancient Martian water, this time during a recent pit stop along the way toward a huge Red Planet mountain. The 1-ton Curiosity rover paused to examine a few rocks late [...]

Strange Mars Pictures

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity, snapped almost 900 images from its mast-mounted cameras, which were knit together to create a billion-pixel picture. Since you can pan and zoom around the image, we couldn’t resist the urge [...]

Mars rover finds ancient wall ruin on Mars?

During the months the latest Mars rovers have been exploring the planet hundreds of strange pictures have been beamed back to NASA here on earth. Many of these pictures have shown strange and unexplained land masses, ruined structures or out [...]

NASA – Mars could have supported life!

Several billion years ago, Mars may well have been a pleasant place for tiny microbes to live, with plenty of water as well as minerals that could have served as food, NASA scientists claim. Curiosity rover finds ancient network of rivers on [...]