0330 2017TRENDING:

NASA discovers ‘WARM OCEANS’ on Saturn moon

ALIEN life in our solar system is one step closer to being discovered as NASA scientists discovered “warm” oceans on a moon of Saturn.NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed evidence of heat close to the surface of the moon [...]

Mars Rover – Curiosity investigates strange unexplained iron

Just what is this lump of iron found on Mars? Laser-zapping of the globular, golf-ball-size objectby NASA’s Curiosity rover confirms that it is an iron-nickel meteorite fallen from the Red Planet’s sky. Iron-nickel meteorites are [...]

amazing footage PROOF of mysterious TR-3B,

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been sent a video clip by a stunned unnamed witness who claims to have recorded the fabled craft flying over a major highway. TR-3B is alleged by conspiracy theorists to be a secret “black project” [...]

Astronaut breaks 20-year silence and confirms UFO sighting

Astronaut breaks 20-year silence over space shuttle UFO mystery with ‘CONCLUSIVE PROOF’ Tom Jones, a veteran of four space shuttle missions over 11 years, who pondered the mystery of alien crafts before joining the US space agency, [...]

The moon mysteries: something strange is going on!

There are many mysteries that NASA has failed to explain. After spending billions in a race to the moon (and both USA and Russia planned to set up space stations on the moon) why haven’t they returned to the moon after 40 years?Why did [...]

Bizarre circular stone formation found on Mars!

Stonehenge-style rocks spotted on MARS: Bizarre circular stone formation on the red planet resembles the iconic Pagan site  The stone circle has been confirmed by NASA and has now been compared to Stonehenge. The strange Mars mystery [...]
Pluto mystery: Four huge identical ‘holes’ found on dwarf planet stun Nasa scientists

NASA: Pluto Probably Has an Ocean Under its Surface

Despite being so far from the sun, tiny Pluto, which is smaller than Earth’s moon, has had an active geologic life from the start, one that continues to present day, research published on Thursday shows. The evidence is all over Pluto’s [...]

Phobos 2 – The strange Russian space incident

  Phobos program was an unmanned space mission consisting of two probes launched by the Soviet Union to study Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos.   Only one of the probes made it to Mars, and just days before it was due to land, [...]

Has the NASA rover captured an image of a Crucifix on Mars

Incredible Mars picture shows crucifix and ruins of fallen temple on red planet! Curiosity has been on Mars for more than three years and has sent several selfies back to earth , including one to celebrate one Martian year on the planet – [...]

What was NASA’s unexplained moon music?

A strange conversation was recorded between Apollo 10 astronauts – Did you hear that whistling sound too?” “Sounds like — you know, outer-space type music.” “I wonder what it is.” The conversation [...]