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Alien Evidence – The Roswell Rock

A mysterious rock bearing a cryptic design was discovered in Roswell, New Mexico in 2004. Now coined “The Roswell Rock,” this piece of stone is unusually smooth and possesses unique magnetic properties. Even more intriguing is that [...]

Roswell – Leaked alien picutres

  Leaked photos are two photographic slides depicting an alien humanoid creature.   This is true, and it is equally true that they may represent the first genuine physical evidence in support of the reality of a crash of a extraterrestrial [...]

FBI try’s to cover up leaked UFO memo

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has broken its silence on the most popular file in its digital vault. The one-page memo, dated March 22, 1950, was addressed to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover from Guy Hottel, then head of the FBI’s [...]
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The Real Roswell – Gallery

What really happened on that warm July, Roswell night in 1947? Surely you have heard of the incident in Roswell New Mexico that has remained a controversy till this day. There is no question that something crashed to the ground that night, [...]
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A second UFO crashed at Roswell

The 1947 UFO controversy of Roswell, N.M. is like a bad penny: It keeps turning up. The legend, rehashed by conspiracy theorists in countless documentaries, revolves around allegations that an unusual object fell from the sky — an object [...]

UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell Documentary

UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell Documentary UFO – Unsolved Mysteries: an Excellent TV show, hosted by the late Robert Stack. Here’s a classic episode looking into behind the scenes events at Roswell. The Roswell New Mexico [...]

Roswell – ‘It was a craft that did not come from this planet’ claims CIA agent

A long-serving CIA agent has spoken out on  the 65th anniversary of the Roswell Incident to reveal a hidden CIA file on the  ‘UFO’ that was supposedly found at the site – and says, ‘It really  happened.’ Conspiracy [...]

The Roswell Case – FACTS

The Saucers Arrive During World War II, Allied flight crews reported mysterious, glowing objects pacing their planes.  Assumed at first to be a German secret weapon, they went by the nicknames “foo fighters” and “German [...]

What really happend at Roswell?

The Public “Roswell Incident” On July 8, 1947 at 5:26 EDT, an Associated Press news wire announced that Roswell Army Air Field had reported recovering a “flying disk” from a nearby rancher’s property, first found [...]