0217 2018TRENDING:

Strange things in space and mysterious satellites

we’ve found more and more planets outside the solar system in recent years — more than 2,000 candidates in all — a strange new class of world has emerged. These are ones that appear to be flying all alone in space without [...]

10 times more galaxies than we thought before!

Using new mathematical models and 3-D maps to explore where no telescope has gone before, a team of international researchers has determined that there are approximately 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe – 10 times more than [...]

Proxima b: Newly discovered planet ‘likely’ to support life!

The discovery of alien life could be a step closer after scientists found a newly discovered planet is “likely” to harbour life forms. A team at the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory (CNRS) believes planet Proxima b, which was first spotted [...]

Are Alien Artifacts in Our Solar System?

NASA Have recently suggested the possibility of alien artifacts being found within our solar system Recent advances in deep space observation now means it is now not only possible to locate small objects a few feet wide, but also detect radio [...]
Giant black hole in tiny galaxy

Are ALIENS harbouring energy from BLACK HOLES?

Are ALIENS harbouring energy from BLACK HOLES? 64 found spinning in sync in one region SCIENTISTS have been left baffled by the discovery black holes that have aligned in close proximity in a region of the distant universe which has led to [...]

New Evidence of a Mystery Object on the Periphery of Our Solar System

New evidence of Planet X The most convincing so far is a recent study by scientists at the University of Arizona, who looked at the high eccentricity of distant Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs). They suggest their strange orbital paths reveal [...]

The Mystery Of Fast Radio Bursts Deepens,

Although it was recently reported that a mysterious class of astronomical phenomena — fast radio bursts — was now understood, that analysis (and those conclusions) turned out to be faulty. But data from a new study, just released today, [...]

THE SIRIUS Mystery – Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Mystery Somewhere in West Africa lives a tribe called the Dogon who have a special affection for the star we call Sirius. In ancient Dogon traditions, the star has two companion stars. One of the companion stars circles Sirius every [...]

Scientists trace mystery ‘alien signals’ to distant galaxy

BREAKING NEWS   For the first time, scientists have successfully traced mysterious “fast radio bursts” (FRBs), which have been speculated to be signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, to a galaxy six billion light years away. Just [...]

Earth in head on collision with another planet!

The collision between Earth and the “planetary embryo” known as Theia that took place roughly 100 million years after our planet formed was most likely responsible for forming the moon, according to new research published Friday [...]