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Is something strange going on in space? Missing Space Probes & Satellites

When NASA launched their IMAGE satellite back in 2000, they were expecting the $150 million craft to have a long career of service as it photographed and studied the Earth’s surrounding magnetosphere. But that career was cut short in 2005, [...]

THE SIRIUS Mystery – Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Mystery Somewhere in West Africa lives a tribe called the Dogon who have a special affection for the star we call Sirius. In ancient Dogon traditions, the star has two companion stars. One of the companion stars circles Sirius every [...]

Scientists trace mystery ‘alien signals’ to distant galaxy

BREAKING NEWS   For the first time, scientists have successfully traced mysterious “fast radio bursts” (FRBs), which have been speculated to be signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, to a galaxy six billion light years away. Just [...]

What happened to all the star? Mystery space void

Peering out into space is like looking into a kaleidoscope—the polychromatic nebulae and vibrant galaxies are all spectacularly unique. And that’s the one thing we do know about space—it’s full of stuff. But the universe constantly [...]

NASA – Will Dawn spacecraft find aliens on Ceres?

Nasa’s Dawn spacecraft prepares to orbit the dwarf planet Ceres. THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF CERES Ceres is the closest dwarf planet to the sun and is located in the asteroid belt, making it the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system. Ceres [...]

Space Mysteries we can’t solve

THE GREATEST UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE – ACCORDING TO THE SCIENTISTS WHO CAN’T WORK THEM OUT Dark Energy, which appears to make up 73% of everything that exists, and still it can’t be seen, or even measured. The energy [...]