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The Chilling Case of the Carbon Copy Murders 157 Years Apart!

THE ERDINGTON MURDERS COINCIDENCE On 27 May 1817, the body of a murder victim – 20-year-old Mary Ashford was found in a flooded sandpit at Erdington, a village lying five miles outside of Birmingham in England. Exactly 157 years afterwards [...]

The strange events around the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide

Twenty years ago a payphone caller claimed dozens of people had committed suicide at a Mediterranean-style villa in the gilded San Diego suburb of Rancho Santa Fe. Two hours later, sheriff’s Deputy Robert Brunk crept into the mansion and [...]

The strange and creepy Roanoke Cave Mystery

The Roanoke Cave Mystery The historical mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke is a well known story – but a lesser known mystery surrounding Roanoke Islands namesake – The Roanoke cave ( or the Jessie James cave) is perhaps even [...]

The reincarnation of the Pollock Twins

Reincarnation John and Florence Pollock lived with their two daughters — Joanna, aged eleven, and Jacqueline aged six — in the town of Hexham, Northumberland. The family was Catholic and the girls attended the local church each Sunday. [...]


castaway who survived more than a year stranded at sea is being sued by his dead crewmate’s family for allegedly eating him. Salvador Alvarenga and Ezequiel Cordoba became lost at sea during a fishing trip in November 2012. Following a two-week [...]

Strange and Weird Victorian Pictures

The Victorians, as we know we’re a little bit weird! Not only was it the time of great adventure, but it was also the time of bizzare behaviour. The Victorians loved photography, and would take family snaps as often as they could afford [...]

Mysteries of the deep – what’s been lurking in the Baltic Sea?

There are 30,000 Swedish islands and rocky outcrops, picture perfect holiday cabins painted reddish-brown or yellow as mustard and sailboats bobbing at anchor in a clear blue sea. But it’s not necessarily where you’d choose to be [...]

Mystery glow over the Pacific Ocean

Mystery glow over the Pacific Ocean: Pilots left baffled by strange orange and red lights spotted in the dead of night Strange lights have been spotted near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka The sighting was made by pilots flying from Hong [...]

The mystery of angel hair

Angel hair is a substance that is said to be dispersed from UFOs as they fly overhead. It has been described as being like a cobweb or a jelly. Angel hair has been reported at sightings of the Virgin Mary. This fact has intrigued ancient [...]

The very strange story of Hatchet Harry Flavel and his family house

Flavel House, completed in 1901 by George Flavel, this place housed the prominent Astoria family that degenerated into felons, hoarders, and recluses. Harry M. Flavel, George’s son, inherited the house and lived there with his second [...]