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Halloween Mystery – The Phantom Barber of Mississippi

In 1942 the United States was in a state of social upheaval. The bombing of Pearl Harbor sent many young men off to fight against the German and Japanese forces, women were taking over the factory jobs once maintained by men, and small towns [...]

The Strange Disappearance of Dorothy Forstein

Philadelphian Dorothy Cooper Forstein appeared to be happily married, comfortably well-to-do, a loving mother, and well-liked. She was, in short, one of the last people anyone would imagine as a victim of one of the creepiest disappearances [...]

The strange corpse bride mystery

In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a bridal shop with an exceptionally beautiful yet creepy-looking mannequin. Some believe that the mannequin is the preserved body of the old owner’s daughter, who died of a spider bite on her wedding day [...]

unexplained mysteries of the world

The Council of Nine is an alleged council of highly evolved beings who directly control the earth and its inhabitants. “Tom” who is identified with the ancient Egyptian God Atum is supposed to be the spokesman whilst the remaining members [...]