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The Real Life Stalker Case -who is The Watcher?

When Derek and Maria Broaddus laid eyes on the pretty Dutch Colonial with a manicured lawn built in 1905, they knew they had found the perfect place to raise their children in Westfield, New Jersey. After shelling out the asking price of $1.3 [...]

The mysterious vanishing books at The ancient Alsatian monastery of Mont Sainte-Odile

The ancient Alsatian monastery of Mont Sainte-Odile is home to secret passages and mysteriously vanishing books. In 2000, people began to notice that some of the abbey’s ancient manuscripts were disappearing. To the monks of Mont Saint-Odile, [...]

The strange mystery around the Great Trinity Church Hoax

In the late 19th century, Dr. Morgan Dix was one of America’s most active and respected churchmen. For over fifty years, he was associated with New York’s Trinity Church, first as minister, and then as rector. He also wrote a number [...]

The unexplained disappearance of Ludwig Leichhardt

Strange adventure When Ludwig Leichhardt arrived in 1842, Australia had been thoroughly explored only along its southern fringes. There were no great river systems, as in North and South America, to lead explorers into the dry, harsh interior. Few [...]

Unidentified Black Spheres Fall From Sky In Spain

At least three strange black orbs have appeared out of no where in fields near rural villages in Spain, The strange unidentifiable silver and black balls are still falling from the sky! Officials and resident of a town Villavieja, Spain are [...]
Shivkar Talpade

The mystery of Shivkar Talpade – The man who flew!

Shivkar Talpade, the Indian who made the first airplane: We were taught in school that Wright Brothers made the first aeroplane in 1903. Shivkur Bapuji Talpade, flew an unmanned aircraft, eight years before the Wright brothers demonstrated [...]

The terrifying mystery of Le Loyon

For 10 years Police in Switzerland have been hunting a ‘terrifying’ figure who has stalked Swiss woodland wearing gas mask, boiler suit and strange cloak. Photographed The mysterious person has been photographed for the first [...]

The mystery of Frederick Valentich

Frederick Valentich was a 20-year old pilot of a Cessna 182L light aircraft who, on October 21, 1978, was on his way to King Island, in Australia, to pick up three or four friends and return to Moorabbin Airport, from which he had departed. [...]

Mystery of the boat in the middle of Bouvet Island

If there is a middle of nowhere, it is Bouvet Island, a 19 square mile piece of land in the South Atlantic, uninhabited and covered by glacial ice. It is the world’s most remote island, nearly 1,000 miles from another swath of land (a sector [...]

What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke Island?

The mystery of what became of the 120 settlers who tried to establish England’s first colony on the north-east coast of America has remained unresolved for 400 years. Queen Elizabeth I and famed explorer Sir Walter Raleigh had hoped the [...]