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The strange Salish Sea Foot Mystery

  Since August 2007, several detached human feet have been discovered on the coasts of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA. As of December 19th, 2017, thirteen feet have been found in the Canadian province of [...]

Ghost boats: Who is sending ships filled with corpses to Japan?

Mysterious “ghost boats” — wrecked wooden ships with decaying corpses on board — are washing up on the shores of Japan. Nearly a dozen boats carrying decomposing bodies were found off the country’s northwestern coast [...]

The mysterious case of Evan Muncie, and his impossible survival

A Haitian earthquake survivor lived without food or water covered in the quake debris until he was rescued after spending 27 days trapped in the rubble. Evan Muncie, 28, was discovered in the wreckage of a food market where he worked selling [...]

Jerome: The Mystery of the Man Who Came Out of Nowhere,

When a mysterious man with no legs was found on a beach in Nova Scotia, the locals took on the burden of caring for this stranger who seemed to come out of nowhere. The Mystery Man of Nova Scotia On September 8, 1863, an eight-year-old boy [...]

The Lake Peigneur Disaster

Lets drill! Early in the morning on November 21, 1980, a dozen Texaco-hired workers abandoned their oil-drilling rig hastily in the middle of a lake. They had been probing the floor of Lake Peigneur in Louisiana when their drill suddenly [...]

The case of Owen Parfitt, the old man that vanished!

Owen Parfitt was well known to the residents of the English town of Shepton Mallet. In his 70’s and mostly paralysed by illness he lived with his sister Old Susannah. Owen spent his days as an invalid in bed or sitting outside the house. In [...]

The mystery of Polybius – The arcade game or legend?

The legend of the mysterious arcade game Polybius is an arcade game which is said to have induced various psychological effects on players. The story describes players suffering from amnesia, night terrors, and a tendency to stop playing [...]
Mammoth could be brought back to life in Siberian reserve

Mammoth could be brought back to life in Siberian reserve!

The woolly mammoth could be brought back from the dead and placed in a real-life ‘Jurassic World’ in Siberia, under proposals put forward by eminent scientists. An international team of experts has managed to catalogue the entire [...]

The strange case of Helen Conway – Spontaneous Human Combustion

The very strange case of Helen Conway – Spontaneous Human Combustion On November 8th, 1964 an elderly and infirm woman, Helen Conway from Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania was believed by volunteer fireman Robert Meslin and other colleagues [...]

The strange story of Mary Reeser – Spontaneous Human Combustion

July 1st 1951, 67 yr old widow, Mary Reeser (1881-1951) (‘The Cinder Lady’) from St Petersburg, Florida apparently spontaneously human combusted (SHC). The last time Mary had been seen alive was at 9pm on the night of the fire. [...]