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The Unexplained Disappearance of Ettore Majorana, (and mysterious reappearance 20 years later).

Strange Events Scientist, Ettore Majorana was born in Italy in 1906. He famously went missing, presumed dead on 27 March 1938, aged 32. It was claimed he disappeared, or vanished, suddenly under very mysterious circumstances while going by [...]

Time Slip Mystery – Flight into the future

  In 1935, Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard of the British Royal Air Force had a harrowing experience in his Hawker Hart biplane. Goddard was a Wing Commander at the time and while on a flight from Edinburgh, Scotland to his home base in [...]
Time slips

Time slip – Unexplained Photos

  The above picture has been proved to be fake, but many other occurances of time slip experiences have not. Time is, according to scientists, a much more complex concept than we humans are used to believe.  What’s more, the “slippery” [...]