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5 Interesting And Unknown Facts About The U.S. Stamps

The world of collecting postage stamps is one that has always been very popular with both kids and serious investors alike. Stamp collecting is a realm that can be looked upon as a hobby, art, and a passion for many people. As a matter of fact, [...]

7 Strange Financial Disasters

The Original Ponzi Scheme Being a scam artist is bad enough; having a type of scam named after you is a perverse sort of immortality. consider the case of Charles Ponzi, who showed great chutzpah even by 1920s standards. Promising investors [...]

Six Strange Deaths – That Were Greatly Exaggerated

The Cast of Cannibal Holocaust Still one of the most controversial films ever made, the 1980 Italian exploitation-fest cannibal Holocaust depicted such realistic and horrifying violence that Italian authorities believed it was an actual snuff [...]

5 Worst natural disasters

Mount St Helens Mount St Helens is located in the Cascade mountain range in the state of Washington in the United States and is famous for its devastating 1980 eruption, which killed 57 people. Among the dead were a geologist and others who [...]