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The Strange 1947 Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

The modern phenomena of UFOs and “flying saucers” began in Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects “flying like a saucer would” along the crest of the Cascade Range near Mount [...]

Unexplained UFO photos that remain a mystery

A collection of unexplained real UFO pictures has just been declassified and investigators are unable to provide an explanation for them.Captured in 1951, this strange picture has baffled experts ever since.This UFO was spotted tailing [...]

UFO clue to unexplained Valentich plane mystery

Almost 40 years since pilot Fred Valentich vanished without a trace, an independent researcher says there is evidence suggesting the 20-year-old’s Cessna was spotted in the sky over South Australia — attached to a UFO. The Victorian UFO [...]

Historic UFO audio archive dating back to the 40s recovered

A historic UFO audio archive documenting the beginning of the modern UFO era has been made available online. The archive was compiled by Wendy Connors and Roderick Dyke, and re-discovered and made available online by Isaac Koi and Giuliano [...]

The facts about the Majestic 12 and UFO evidence

In December 1984 a package with no return address and an Albuquerque post-mark arrived in Jaime Shandera’s mail in North Hollywood, California. Inside was a roll of 35mm film. When developed, it turned out to contain eight pages of an [...]

10 secret UFO hideouts

  AUTEC, the Caribbean officially known as the Atlantic Underwater Testing & Evaluation Center. Many UFOs  as well as of USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) have been reported in its vicinity over the years. (The Navy denies all [...]

The top 10 real UFO crash sites

Here is a list of the top most likely UFO crash sites in history. You can find more details on each crash site Here Aurora Crash Legend has it that a slow moving space ship crashed into a Texas windmill on April 17 1897, exploding into thousands [...]