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UFO seen in Armenian sky again on June 11

June 11, 2012 | 23:54 Late in the evening of June 11 another UFO has been seen in the night sky above Armenian City of Yerevan. While Armenian News-NEWS.amreporter was taking pictures of night city, an unrecognized flying object has appeared [...]

Pennsylvania: Diamond-shaped UFO Visible For An Hour

Two Ligonier, PA, witnesses reported watching “a large object in the sky with flickering lights” in the shape of a diamond or cross-like pattern that hovered and moved for about an hour beginning at 12:30 a.m. on May 20, 2013, according [...]

Operation UFO – Nazi Base In Antarctica, Documentary

For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary ‘Third Reich – Operation UFO’ in its entirety, fully translated into English and available for free viewing. Many thanks to Irina Du Toit for the translation and the [...]

Astronauts Encounter Alien Ships

Astronauts Encounter Alien Ships: One of the first reported astronaut encounters with alien ships occurred during the Apollo 11 mission, according to distinguished author Timothy Good. In his book, “Above Top Secret,” he asserts [...]

Fleet of UFO’s fly by Space Station

A fleet of UFOs has been observed flying past the International Space Station (ISS) according to a UFO magazine. These objects were sighted on 28 Feb, 2013. The magazine has included a report of the incident.   The UFO enthusiast, who created [...]

UFO UK New Evidence 2012 – Documentary

Are aliens really out there? You’ve heard tales of little green men from other planets, but these are normally consigned to urban legends and sci-fi fables. However, a dossier of files released by the Ministry of Defence last year proves [...]
ALIENS hovers around the International Space Station

UFO hovers around the International Space Station

recent video of a brown coloured orb seen near the Earth’s Orbit on the International Space Station on the 16th of November was launched on YouTube by Streetcap1, and published in The Canadian. The International Space Station on a daily basis [...]

Russian Enigma draws alien hunters, psychics to Urals

Each year, thousands of UFO hunters and scores of scientists come to the Urals to study unexplained phenomena. But is there any explanation for the paranormal activity in this region? Where are the UFOs coming from? A Russia NTV News reporter [...]

Nazi UFO Secrets – Documentary

Nazi UFO Secrets – Documentary During Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, did a daring group of Nazi scholars and technicians learn the secrets of anti-gravity and space travel from extraterrestrials? If true, these conclusions may shock [...]

UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell Documentary

UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell Documentary UFO – Unsolved Mysteries: an Excellent TV show, hosted by the late Robert Stack. Here’s a classic episode looking into behind the scenes events at Roswell. The Roswell New Mexico [...]