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Unexplained sounds

10 strange unexplained sounds that remain a mystery

What explaination can be found for the many odd sounds that can be heard or recorded around the world? Top scientists continue to be puzzled by many of these strange sounds: Here are the 10 most mysterious ones: 10. Russian broadcast Broadcasting [...]

The greatest unsolved mysteries of 2017

We may have uncovered the answers of a few mysteries this year, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s that we still know very little, about a lot. Despite our technological ability in this modern world there are many mysteries that continue [...]

The Mysterious Case of Bridey Murphy – and her past life.

The best evidence of pervious life? In 1952, Colorado businessman and amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein put housewife Virginia Tighe of Pueblo, Colorado, in a trance that sparked off startling revelations about Tighe’s alleged past [...]
Voynich Manuscript

Is the Voynich manuscript a hoax?

The 15th century cryptic work has baffled scholars, cryptographers and codebreakers. So far, no one has been able to read a single letter of the script or any word of the text. An ancient book that has baffled experts for decades may be an [...]

David Lang – The man that disappeared into thin air!

David Lang, Vanished into thin air!   People vanishing into thin air in front of witnesses, never to be seen again, does it really happen?. There are countless stories from around the world of this incredibly weird phenomena. The most [...]

Unexplained Near Earth object 1991 vg could be an alien probe!

1991 VG is a Near-Earth object discovered by American astronomer James Scotti on 6 November 1991. Due to its unusual orbit and rapid variation in brightness, there is speculation that the object could be either man-made or an artifact of an [...]

Top 10 Strange Mysteries that have not been explained!

Watch the top 10 unsolved & shocking mysteries throughout the history time. #10 The Impossible Row Boat in the Middle of Bouvet Island A row boat lies frozen in the middle of a huge island 1,000 miles from any other land mass. It would [...]

The unexplained mystery of Granger Taylor

A young man, Granger Taylor was a mechanical genius that was self-taught. He dropped out of school in the eighth grade, however, at the age of only fourteen he built a one-cylinder automobile which is now on display the Duncan Forest Museum [...]

1790 UFO crash or time traveller?

According to Antonio Fenoglio he visited the Archives of the French Academy of Sciences, Paris, and discovered the following report submitted to it. In 1975, Dr Jacques Vallee quoted the account and appeared to indicate that he had seen [...]

Top Unexplained Mysteries that occurred in Mountains

The headless valley The eerie nickname attached to 200 Mile Gorge comes from a series of unexplained incidents in the Gorge during the Gold Rush of the early 20th century. Two brothers, Willie and Frank McLeod left in 1906 in an attempt to [...]