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The strange unsolved mystery – Don Henry and Kevin Ives

Don Henry and Kevin Ives In the pre-dawn hours of August 23, 1987, a 6000 ton cargo train made its regular night run to Little Rock, Arkansas. The train was just over a mile long and was traveling at a speed of 52 miles per hour. The train [...]

The strange unsolved crime – The Keddie Murders

CABIN 28: THE UNSOLVED KEDDIE MURDERS OF CALIFORNIA The Keddie Murders The Keddie Murders is an unsolved 1981 American quadruple murder that took place in Keddie, a former resort town in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada. The [...]

Historical Mysteries – The best unsolved cases

    The Phaistos Disc Lost languages are a fascinating subject for historians; who knows what kind of information could be locked behind those ciphers? One of the most famous untranslated artifacts of all time is the Phaistos Disc, [...]
Marilyn Sheppard Mystery

The unsolved crime mystery of Marilyn Sheppard

Marilyn Sheppard was the wife of osteopathic physician Doctor Sam Sheppard, a prominent Cleveland-area doctor who was convicted of the 1954 murder of his pregnant spouse. Doctor Sheppard claimed he was asleep on the couch on the lower level [...]

The Very Strange Case of The Somerton Man and The Tamam Shud

The Taman Shud Case, also known as the Mystery of the Somerton Man, is an unsolved case of an unidentified man found dead at 6:30 a.m., 1 December 1948, on Somerton beach in Adelaide, South Australia. A body is found When the police arrived, [...]

The strange, unexplained Gatton Murders

The Strange Crime On the night of Boxing Day 1898, Michael Murphy, 29, and his sisters, Norah, 27, and Ellen, 18, were returning home in a sulky to their parents’ farm outside Gatton. They had been to a cancelled country dance in Gatton [...]

Crime Mystery – The Phantom Killer

The twin cities of Texarkana, Texas, and Texarkana, Arkansas, have only had one reported case of serial murder, and it was a case that gripped the region in fear for several months in 1946. The attacks came at night on the weekends, roughly [...]

Some amazing heists

London Millennium Dome, 2000 Using a JCB digger to ram down fences, four robbers attempted to steal De Beers diamonds worth over £350m, including the 203 carat De Beers Millennium Star, from a display at the Millenium Dome on 7 November, [...]