1212 2017TRENDING:

The strange mysterious disappearance of Pauline Picard

Sometimes strange events sound like they could have been plucked straight out of the plot from a movie, but fact can often be much stranger than fiction. And that’s just the case with the incident of Pauline Picard, a young French girl who [...]

The strange unsolved crime – The Keddie Murders

CABIN 28: THE UNSOLVED KEDDIE MURDERS OF CALIFORNIA The Keddie Murders The Keddie Murders is an unsolved 1981 American quadruple murder that took place in Keddie, a former resort town in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada. The [...]

The shocking murder of The De Ligonnes Family

In 2011, in France the entire De Ligonnes family, except for the father, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, was murdered in their sleep. Even the two family dogs were killed with what was believed to be a silenced .22 rifle. After friends and relatives [...]

The strange cryptic May Day mystery that has puzzled for over 30 years

The May Day Mystery refers to a series of cryptic ads which have been placed in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the newspaper of the University of Arizona, every May 1 since 1981. The mysterious ads have appeared on other dates as well, and often [...]

The mysterious Mayerling Incident

In January 1889, the discovery of two bodies in a rural hunting lodge outside Vienna shook the world. The Archduke of Austria-Hungary, Prince Rudolf, and his lover, Baroness Marie Vetsera, lay side by side in a cabin in the village of Mayerling. [...]

The strange case of the Isdal woman

The discovery of the strange mystery On 29 November 1970 at approximately 13:15, while hiking in the foothills of mount Ulrikens north face, in an area known as Isdalen valley, a university professor and his two young daughters came across [...]

The strange true mystery of the Chase Vault

In the 18th century, the Walronds, a wealthy rich family of planters built a rock-hewn tomb at Christ Church, Barbados. It was sealed with a massive marble door. One family member to be interred there was Mrs Thomasina Goddard, in 1807. A [...]

The strange unexplained mystery of Cicada 3301.

The Internet mystery that’s baffled the world: Is Cicada 3301 a puzzle, a treasure hunt or some ‘nefarious’ recruitment test?For the past two years, a mysterious online organization has been setting the world’s finest codebreakers [...]

The Nude Murders: Jack the Stripper

Between 1964 and 1965 six women were found dead in and around the River Thames. All of them were prostitutes, all had been strangled and all were naked, leading to their description as the ‘Nude Murders.’ The first victim was 30 [...]

The mystery of the Aleppo Codex

The oldest and most complete known text of the Hebrew Bible is stored in a secret vault in the Israel Museum.The security around it is airtight, the privileged eyes to see it, few and far between. Except, there is one problem: the Aleppo [...]