0423 2018TRENDING:

Abraham Lincoln White House Ghost Photograph

During 1950, major renovation work was carried out at the White House in the Capital of the USA – Washington DC. Abbie Rowe, the official photographer of the presidential residence, wished to immortalize this period. One of the photographs [...]

The Mysterious Legend Of The Yucca Man

The legend of Bigfoot is a famous one, as is that of the yeti that supposedly lives in the Himalayas, but far fewer people have heard of a similar figure spotted many times in the area around the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. [...]

Halloween Mystery – The Phantom Barber of Mississippi

In 1942 the United States was in a state of social upheaval. The bombing of Pearl Harbor sent many young men off to fight against the German and Japanese forces, women were taking over the factory jobs once maintained by men, and small towns [...]

Mystery of Magazine Ads Predicting Pearl Harbor

Strange Mystery The Nov. 22, 1941, issue of the New Yorker magazine (16 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor) carried two extremely strange advertisements that in retrospect, are full of double meanings. So much so that at the time, the [...]

The puzzling petroglyphs of the Dighton Rock

This strange mystery from the heart of the USA The Dighton Rock, known for its puzzling petroglyphs, stands as one of the greatest mysteries in Massachusetts. The 40-ton boulder that once jutted out of the Taunton River, close to Dighton, Massachusetts, [...]

Hart Island – The Most Haunted Island!

Hart Island A.K.A. “The Island of The Dead” is run by the NYS Department of Corrections and unless you are a convict, you wont be allowed to set a foot on it. Even the press is not allowed access except for a few guided tours granted [...]

JFK Assassination Documentary

  The Assassination Crowds of excited people lined the streets and waved to the Kennedys. The car turned off Main Street at Dealey Plaza around 12:30 p.m. As it was passing the Texas School Book Depository, gunfire suddenly reverberated [...]

Strange secrets – The Pentagon

What are the strange secrets of the USA? It is the epicenter of America’s military operations… a five-sided fortress with a single purpose–to defend the United States and its citizens. But behind the concrete walls and re-enforced [...]

Ancients in America? – Strange discoveries

Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Although nothing can be taken away from Columbus’ daring voyage, he certainly was not the first to arrive on the shores of the Americas. For one thing, there were already people here – [...]

Documentary -The Presidents Secret Book

The president’s book exists, it has been passed on from president to president for centuries to come. The book is being kept in a secret compartment which only the president knows, after the new president is chosen, there are to be a special [...]