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Yeti hunters getting cold

A strange collection of Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch and Other strange sightings

Legends of large hairy humanoid creatures lurking in the backwoods of the world isn’t a modern phenomena by any means. Our ancestors have documented encounters in their stories and oral traditions for hundreds of years with some beliefs [...]

The Mysterious Legend Of The Yucca Man

The legend of Bigfoot is a famous one, as is that of the yeti that supposedly lives in the Himalayas, but far fewer people have heard of a similar figure spotted many times in the area around the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. [...]

How to capture a YETI!

  So you want to see a real YETI?   So where – aside, obviously, from the pistes of Formigal – can you catch a glimpse of a yeti? And, more to the point, where can you lay eyes on a bigfoot, a bunyip or a fiendish chupacabra? Yeti Where? [...]

The true story of the Big Grey Man

There has long been talk of a Big Grey Man in the Cairngorm mountains. Known locally for decades it entered popular folklore when Professor Normal Collie reported his experiences of Fearlas Mor (as the Big Grey Man is known locally) while on [...]

New pictures of Yeti captured in Spain!

  Shaky footage of what looks like an ape-like creature clambering through a popular ski resort has emerged. The existence of yetis has long been a topic of discussion. So could there finally be proof they’re real? If the latest [...]

Russian ape woman Zana – Was she a real life Yeti?

Russian ape woman Zana – Was she a real life Yeti? Professor Bryan Sykes of the University of Oxford claims a towering woman named Zana who lived in 19th Century Russia – and appeared to be ‘half human, half ape’ – [...]

Abominable Snowman ‘close to being – Yeti Proof

They have long been thought to be merely the stuff of legend. But Russian officials say they have found ‘indisputable evidence’ that yetis exist – and are living in Siberia. The bold claim follows an international conference and expedition [...]

PROOF the Yeti is out there!

The best picture of the yeti we gave seen. Intrepid Mike Rees, 73, innocently took the picture while trekking in the Himalayas after his wife spotted the imprint and pointed it out as “something interesting”. But it was not until [...]

Yeti DNA: has the mystery really been solved?

Tales of the yeti, the “Abominable Snowman” of the Himalayas, have been recorded for centuries. Mountaineers tell of coming face-to-face with a hairy, ape-like creature that walks on two legs. There have been blurred photos and [...]

200 Yeti live in Russia!

Professor claims scientific tests, such as DNA  checks, prove hair samples from remote cave belonged to human-like mammal  unknown to man A row has erupted in Russia over a biological  scientist’s claim that some 200 Yeti live in a [...]