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The unexplained mystery of Ada Constance Kent – “The skeleton in the bedroom”

Ada Constance Kent residence

Ada Constance Kent residence

The mystery of the missing actress, that was found 10 years later – as a skeleton!

Ada Constance Kent was a British actress, who appeared in both stage and film productions. After a long period of working in London, Ada moved to the English countryside. Unmarried, she lived alone at her cottage in the small English village of Fingringhoe, Essex.

In 1939 Ada was reported missing by a worried friend, who said she had not seen her for 3 months. She told police that she had searched the house looking for Ada, but did not find her.

Ada Constance Kent

Ada Constance Kent

Vanished into thin air!

The Kent police asked Bernard Constable, a local policeman to check the house, which he did with another person. His statement is clear that nobody, or no body, was in the house at the time of the search.

Press reports state that she seemed to have just “vanished” from her cottage one summers afternoon. These reports contained the following information:

The door to the cottage was found unlocked, A supper tray, with the remains of a meal, was resting atop the dining table, a copy of Romeo & Juliet was found open in a chair near the fireplace, her coat was still on the hook

The Police searched the cottage from top to bottom and found no other clues as to the whereabouts of Ada.

Three years later!

In 1942, a close friend of Ada, George Wynkoll, visited the cottage to track down his missing friend. He claims to have broken in through the locked front door, searched the small three room house from top to bottom. He checked under furniture and in the cupboards, he noticed the open book and supper tray.

Like the two previous searches, he found nothing out of place – and he too stated “it appears Ada just vanished and never returned”.


The money in the bank

In March 1949 a Bank contacted the local police regarding Ada Kent’s account. The bank stated they had tried, but failed, to contact her on a number of occasions regarding a number of “large” deposits made into her account. The last deposit had been made in September 1948.

Police again went to check the cottage, and this time they made a shocking discovery!

In the bedroom, laying next to a single bed, was a fully clothed skeleton.

Next to the skeleton was an empty bottle marked “POISON”

The police report states that the cottage, apart from being dirty, looked like it had not been touched in a decade. They noted the supper tray, but not the book!

The report ruled out robbery, as they discovered jewels and money in the cottage.

The Scotland Yard forensic report states the skeleton is unlikely that of Ada Constance Kent, as it is too large, and likely even that of a Man.

The case remains a real unsolved mystery, and no logical explanation answers all the strange facts.

Case unsolved

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