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Top Unexplained Mysteries – TRENDING 2013


iPhoneIcon_Small1. The strange case of Rudolph Fentz


n 1950, a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed.

The officials at the morgue searched his body and found the following items in his pockets:

  • A copper token for a beer worth 5 cents, bearing the name of a saloon, which was unknown, even to older residents of the area
  • A bill for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage, drawn by a livery stable on Lexington Avenue that was not listed in any address book
  • About 70 dollars in old banknotes
  • Business cards with the name Rudolph Fentz and an address on Fifth Avenue
  • A letter sent to this address, in June 1876 from Philadelphia

None of these objects showed any signs of aging.

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iPhoneIcon_Small2. NAZI GOLD


During the course of WW2 Hitler and his SS cronies had been looting europes of its finest art and treasures. The SS also stole gold bullion from europes banks. Much of this missing art is still to be discovered. Rumours of a lake full of gold, caves full of priceless art, hidden vaults in the vatican, underground NAZI storage bunkers in South America still circulate today.


Many gold seekers and treasure hunters have tried to follow the trail from NAZI europe to the secret locations, but all have failed. As recently as 2011 NAZI stamped gold bullion bars still turned up in Switzerland and other gold markets, often the sellers would disapear with no explanation of how they came to own the bars.

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Missing !  lots of gold !

Missing ! lots of gold !

iPhoneIcon_Small3. Fort Knox and The Missing Gold!


The biggest question mark of all has been why no one has been able to see the gold for almost 40 years now.  The last time anyone had access to inspect the deposits was on September 23, 1974.  Members of Congress and news media were allowed access on that date and pictures were taken of the vaults with the gold deposits intact.  Ever since that day, there has not been anyone allowed access to confirm the gold amounts that are supposedly stored at the Fort.

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Father Hitler?

Father Hitler?

iPhoneIcon_Small4. Was Father Krespi Hitler?


Tales and stories have started to surface over the last 10 years that Adolf Hitler did actually escape from Berlin, and resumed life in the South America as  Father Krespi. But what evidence really exists that  Father Krespi was Hitler?

In 1993, Father Krespi died, reportedly at the age of 90. More than 2000 people attended his funeral, which was marked with ceremony rivaling that of a King. He was laid to rest in a white marble sepulcher, which is still reported to be cleaned weekly, and adorned with flowers constantly, all paid for by anonymous admirers.

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Unexplained Mysteries: The Dyatlov Pass Incident


iPhoneIcon_Small5. The Dyatlov Pass Incident


The Dyatlov Pass is located in the Ural Mountains of Western Russia.

On February 2, 1959, 9 experienced ski hikers died under extremely strange and somewhat frightening circumstances.

At the point of their disappearance, the goal of the ill-fated expedition was to reach Otorten, a mountain that was approximately 6 miles away.

The unfortunate hikers never reached their destination, and chillingly enough, the word “Otorten” translated from Mansi (indigenous peoples in the area) language, means “Mountain of the dead men.”


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