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UFO seen in Armenian sky again on June 11

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UFO seen in Armenian sky again on June 11 (PHOTO)June 11, 2012 | 23:54

Late in the evening of June 11 another UFO has been seen in the night sky above Armenian City of Yerevan.

While Armenian News-NEWS.amreporter was taking pictures of night city, an unrecognized flying object has appeared in the sky. The pictures have been taken with 1-2 minutes intervals between them. The exact time is: 21:29, 21:30, 21:31, 21:33, 21:34, 21:34, 21:35, 21:37.

Last week Armenian News-NEWS.am reported about an UFO in the sky above Yerevan city and presented a video.

Photos by Arsen Sargsyan

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