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Unexplained Pictures – The S.S. Watertown Phantom Faces

The top 100 unexplained mysteries of the world

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The S.S. Watertown Phantom Faces

The S.S. Watertown Phantom Faces

James Courtney and Michael Meehan were cleaning a cargo tank on the S.S. Watertown on its way to New York City, in 1924. The men were overcome with gas fumes and died. As customary of the time, the two men were buried at sea. But for days following their sea burial, the reflections of the two men’s faces were seen in the water. The faces were so clear, Captain Keith Tracy followed orders to get a photograph of the two phantoms, which he did.

The picture is shown above, and extensive tests have proved the picture to be genuine. Is this really a picture of ghosts?

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