10 unexplained and Mysterious Photos


Have you ever had a favorite chair or perhaps a preferred spot on the couch that is just more comfortable than the other areas of the couch? So did Lord Combermere. Lord Combermere unfortunately got hit with a horse drawn carriage in 1891. During his funeral his family hired a photographer to take some family pictures. His burial took place over 4 miles away and while the family attended the funeral the photographer prepared the camera. When the plate was developed it appeared that the apparition of Lord Combermere was sitting in his favorite chair. Perhaps the coffin wasn’t comfortable enough.


Strange ?
Strange ?

These are some of the strangest pictures we have seen, they are both mysterious and unexplained.

What do you think?

And here are 20 more strange ones for you to see

The current Countdown List of Unexplained Pictures

20 – The Mysterious Hinterkaifeck Murders
19 – The skunk ape
18 – 9/11 attack – South Tower woman
17 – The phoenix lights
16 – The Madonna with Saint Giovannino and a UFO
15 – Battle of LA
14 – Extra thumb
13 – The falling body
12 – A modern day time traveler
11 – Specter of Newby Church
10 – The Martian Spherules
9 – The Babushka Lady
8 – The Hook Island Sea Monster
7 – The Black Knight Satellite
6 – Time Traveler With Cell Phone
5 – The Baltic Sea Anomaly
4 – The Hessdalen Lights
3 – Pyramid on the Moon
2 – The Solway Firth Spaceman
1 – The Ghostly Airman

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