1790 UFO crash or time traveller?


According to Antonio Fenoglio he visited the Archives of the French Academy of Sciences, Paris, and discovered the following report submitted to it. In 1975, Dr Jacques Vallee quoted the account and appeared to indicate that he had seen the report himself.

This could be the first documented UFO crash or time traveller landing in history.

During June, 1790, Police Inspector Liabeuf was sent from Paris to Alencon, west of the city (between Argentan and Le Mans). His orders were to make a thorough investigation of a disturbing incident –some of the observers being of high standing.

Liabeuf visited the town and the following is his report, submitted to the Academy of Sciences

“At 5 A.M.,on June 12th,several farmers caught
sight of an enormous globe which seemed surrounded
with flames. First they thought it was perhaps a
balloon that had caught fire,but the great velocity
and the whistling sound which came from that body
intrigued them.

“The globe slowed down,made some oscillations and
precipitated itself towards the top of a hill,
unearthing plants along the slope. The heat which
emanated from it was so intense that soon the grass
and the small tree started burning. The peasants
succeeded in controlling the fire which threatened
to spread to the whole area.

“In the evening this sphere was still warm and an
extraordinary happened,not to say an incredible
thing. The witnesses were;two mayors,a doctor and three
other authorities who confirm my report,in addition
to the dozens of peasants who were present.

“This sphere,which would have been large enough to
contain a carriage,had not suffered from all that
flight. It excited so much curiousity that people
came from all parts to see it. Then all of a sudden
a kind of door opened and,there is the interesting
thing,a person like us came out of it,but this person

“was dressed in a strange way,wearing a tight-fitting suit
and,seeing all that crowd,said some words which were
not understood and fled into the woods. Instinctively,
the peasants stepped back,in fear,and this saved
them because soon after that the sphere exploded in
silence,throwing pieces everywhere,and these pieces
burned until they were reduced to powder.

“Researches were initiated to find the mysterious
man,but he seemed to have dissolved.”

1790 UFO

The evidence

Dr Vallee, a respected scientist who has spoken before the United Nations, cites this case as evidence of visitors from some other world. Dr Vallee notes the many similarities to modern accounts of “UFOs”.

The question is; does this report exist? Fenoglio wrote his article circa 1967 so we know that the document was, allegedly, still in existence then. Inspector Liabeuf’s report either exists or was fiction created by Fenoglio and it is scientifically important that the reality of it is ascertained once and for all. After all,the report had many features from modern UFO accounts: the landed object followed by an entity appearing and the explosion totally destroying the object. Even the description of the clothing worn by the entity is typical of modern accounts.

What this meant was simple: people in 1790 France could not possibly know of post 1947 accounts of UFOs and Liabeuf’s report would be a major kick in the teeth to the anti-UFO brigade.

A document was forwarded to the Keeper of the Archives, French Academy of Sciences, on 9th January, 2006. It took a while but rather than hearing that the report had been found I was told that no such report existed or reference to it found. Fenoglio seems to have been the only person ever to have seen the report leading to the conclusion that this was yet another UFO hoax.

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